Brown Rice & Its Benefits

Majority of people in different parts of the world take rice as a staple food. We have heard about varieties of rice, among which white rice...

Majority of people in different parts of the world take rice as a staple food. We have heard about varieties of rice, among which white rice and brown rice are prominent. Lets have a look at how they differ.

Difference Between White Rice & Brown Rice:

Brown rice is produced by removing only the outermost layer of the grain of rice.
White rice is produced by removing the next layers under the outermost layer of the rice. In this process, several vitamins and minerals are lost.

All the while I was having white rice in my diet but lately I realized brown rice has a number of benefits and is good for health in the long run. Lets have a look at how a simple change in your diet, from white rice to brown rice, will contribute to your good health.

Benefits Of Brown Rice:

  • It is a good source of magnesium, hence it is good for bone health.
  • It helps in healthy bowel movement. 
  • It prevents weight gain.
  • It is high in fiber content.
  • It reduces cholesterol.
  • It helps in controlling blood pressure levels.
  • It releases sugar in a slow fashion in the body and hence lowers the risk of diabetics.
Now, after having a look at the list of benefits I am sure you would want to try out brown rice.
What do you like to have? Brown rice or white rice?

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  1. i tried once ! it tastes yuck :( :(

    1. Hey Sukanya! Definitely it is not yuck dear...I have it daily and its fine. I agree it is not the tastiest but yes it is not bad too. U must try again then :)

  2. Lavanya my husband and I have moved to brown rice a month ago and we love it now, its light and fills us up very quickly :-)... thanks for sharing this post its useful

    1. You are welcome priya. Even I started recently and now I am loving it. And after knowing its benefits I am sure to continue it!

  3. My daily food includes brown rice :) it is so light n filling once we develop love on will taste good

    My colleagues say yuck but I don't mind having it as soup also

  4. nice and informative post!! i love brown rice in pulao, but not much for sambar rice or rasam rice... should try again!!

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    1. Do try Sowmya and let me know how you found it

  5. oh dear i had seen this brown rice and i have heard of its benefits. not sure i would like it but good to know the differnce.

    sprouted lentils

  6. Very informative post, I have brown rice at home and make it often. We love the taste and its so healthy!

  7. I LOVE brown rice, its all that I eat. I'm eating it right now with some tofu, grilled veggies, and teriyaki pineapple sauce. I just hope that it still has the same benefits when it is instant rice.
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