Gala Of London Kajal Classic Midnight Black Review

Never underestimate the power of kohl in a woman's life. Well, that sounded totally Bollywood li...

Never underestimate the power of kohl in a woman's life. Well, that sounded totally Bollywood like, nevertheless it is so true! Every Diva Likes haul I received till date had definitely more than one kohl and I couldn't love it more. This time, I also received a retractable kajal which is really easy to use. Kohl makes such a radical difference to my face that I cannot describe and, therefore, it is a must have for me. My previous experience with Gala of London was pretty good and I am looking forward to trying out many products from their budget friendly range. Let us see the detailed experience on the Gala Of London Kajal Classic Midnight Black.

About Gala Of London Kajal Classic Midnight Black:

Give your eye makeup a gorgeous dark hue, and let the mystery flow. With deep rich pigments and ingredients to soothe your precious eyes, this is a must kajal. Gala of London Kajal Classic Midnight Black:
Contains deep rich pigments to give a dark, black hue on application.
Has a buttery texture that glides on eyes without tugging or pulling.
Has a smudge proof formulation that stays on for a long time.


150 INR for 0.25 g

Shelf Life:

3 years

Ingredients List:

Not mentioned.

Directions For Use:

Apply on your waterline for a classic kohled look.

My Experience With Gala Of London Kajal Classic Midnight Black:

Packaging: The packaging is pretty basic and simple. It comes in a cardboard packaging where you can find all the details you desire to know. The pencil comes in a sleek black retractable function with a black plastic cap. The retractable function works quite properly and it is extremely light weight. Overall, it has a nice travel-friendly packaging.
Shade: The shade is matte black. The intensity is something you cannot judge from its horrible quality but all I can see from swatches is that it looks like deep greyish black. That is how it also looked on my eyelids.

Texture: I was totally taken aback with its pathetic quality! How can a kohl be so dry? I checked the manufacturing date to see if it is expired but it is definitely not. It barely glides on the hands and on the eyes it tugs and pulls like hell. I couldn't make it work on the waterline at all and somehow swatched the color on the eyelids. It takes me around 15 minutes to make it workable on the lids.
Pigmentation: The pigmentation is also not good at all as it hardly glides and the color payoff is literally zero. You have to keep on rubbing until you get some color. For dry lids, it is a failure!

Staying Power: On my eyelids, it stayed for 1-2 hours. It is smudge proof because it has such dry texture but it messes up a lot with water. Overall, this is definitely not worth calling a kajal.

Pros Of Gala Of London Kajal Classic Midnight Black:
  • Retractable packaging.

Cons Of Gala Of London Kajal Classic Midnight Black:
  • The black shade is little greyish and hence no intensity.
  • The texture is dry and impossible to work with.
  • It tugs and pulls on the eyes when applied.
  • Pigmentation is weary and crumbles a lot.
  • Bad staying power.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

No, never ever buy this kajal. Just stay away from it.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. I can see from the swatch that it is not smooth. There are so many better options.

    1. True Sangeeta, there are many better options.

  2. Oh my god didn't expect it to turn out so bad.. i think its the worst one in the market..


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