Yummy Cupcake Nail Art Tutorial

No festival or special occasion is complete without sweets. Sweets in any form, are loved by people ...

No festival or special occasion is complete without sweets. Sweets in any form, are loved by people of all ages. I'm sure none of us can say no to yummy sweets and chocolates especially in India where we have so many varieties of sweets. One such sweet thing we all love is a cute cupcake. Apart from being delicious, it's the cute look of the cupcake that makes us drool over it. With Christmas around the corner, most of the shops will be stocked up with various varieties of cakes and cupcakes is one of them. I thought to make my own little cupcake on my nails and came up with the Yummy Cupcake Nail Art Tutorial which I am going to show you all today. Pastel shades are never out of fashion and I have combined pastel shades in this nail art to make it all the way cuter. Take a look at the tutorial to know how I created it.

Things Needed:
  • Nude color for the base coat.
  • 5 different nail lacquers in pastel shades for your 5 fingers.
  • 5 darker shades of the pastel shades you have chosen or any 5 dark shades of nail polish of your choice.
  • Thin nail art brush.
  • Glitter polish of your choice.
  • Top coat.
  • White nail polish.


Apply two coats of the nude shade on all the nails.

Take each pastel shade you have chosen and apply it to the tips of your nails as if you are doing a French manicure.

Now in this step take the white nail polish and make a dome shape above the pastel tips. You need not be perfect here as it's a cake after all. Leave just a little part of the nude shade peeking out and this will be the icing of the cupcake.

Dip the thin nail art brush in different dark shades of colors you have chosen and make vertical lines on top of the light shades. Now make one dot each on the top of the white icing with the same color you made vertical lines with.

Now take the glitter polish and make small dots on the icing. This will be the sprinklers.

Let the whole manicure dry and then apply the top coat to make the design smoother and seal everything in. You are done!

Did you find the nail art yummy and cute? There are so many variations to this nail art and you just have to use your imagination and play with colors. Let us know if the tutorial was helpful and do try if you like it!

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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