Ikat Print Nail Art Tutorial

It's been really long since I did a nail art tutorial. Sometimes my imaginations and ideas go ha...

It's been really long since I did a nail art tutorial. Sometimes my imaginations and ideas go haywire. The world has been witnessing so much pain and atrocities that heart cries of pain. We render support and strength to all the victims families of Paris attacks. Their pain is world's pain. Coming to today's post, I am here with Ikat Print Nail Art Tutorial. Ikat is actually a form of textile dyeing technique which involves binding of cords before dyeing them. To get new patterns, the tying technique of the cords is changed. Ikat prints date back centuries ago. It is a popular form of textile print in the Southeast Asia and the Middle East predominantly. But these days, Ikat is popular all over the globe. We can find Ikat everywhere these days from clothes to shoes to bags to stoles, which is almost everywhere. So without much delay let's go straightaway to the tutorial.

Things Needed:
  • Any base color of your choice.
  • Neon color nail polish. I chose orange here.
  • Black and white striping polishes.
  • Top coat.


Apply your chosen base polish. Let it dry completely before proceeding.

Take your white striping polish and draw one or two irregular triangle outlines. The number of triangles depends on the size of your nails.

Now fill the triangle.

Now take a neon color and make any pattern inside the white triangles. The neon design can be just a blob of color.

Now using the black striping polish, outline the white triangles with little strokes.

With the same black striping polish, add some black color to the small neon design. You need not be perfect in this.

Let the whole design dry and then apply your top coat. Your Ikat Print Nail Art is ready!

The best part of this design is that you need not be perfect as these designs are a little blurry. You can mix and match the colors according to your taste. Flaunt these cute patterns till I'm back with another tutorial for all of you.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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