Garnier Pure Active Neem + Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash Review

A face wash is a staple product is every girl's kitty and in each and every haul of Diva Likes I...

A face wash is a staple product is every girl's kitty and in each and every haul of Diva Likes I always get to try a nice face wash. This time, they sent me an acne control foaming face wash from Garnier. Off late, Garnier has launched certain new products to their list and with such an easy price tag, every product is worth a try. My skin works best with acne control and dirt control face washes. This product claims to be mild in usage and, therefore, I believe it will work best this season. Let us see the product in detail.

About Garnier Pure Active Neem + Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash:

Facewash that fights pimple-causing germs
1) This unique face wash contains the goodness of 2 natural ingredients: Neem and Tulsi.
2) High Foaming Gel Face Wash that fights oil and pimple-causing Germs.
3) Gentle face wash for daily use.
4) Suitable for all skin types.


60 INR for 50 g

Shelf Life:

36 months

Ingredients List:

Directions For Use:

Gently massage on damp face using your fingertips carefully avoiding the eye contour area. Rinse thoroughly.

My Experience With Garnier Pure Active Neem + Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash:

The face wash comes in a lightweight transparent plastic bottle with a flip open green cap. The bottle is easy to travel without any spillage or leakage and fits anywhere. The face wash is light green in color with a runny consistency. It is a foamy face wash as per the claims, hence lathers very well when massaged all over the face. Though it has a runny consistency, it requires a very less amount to form lather and, therefore, the bottle lasts a long time. The face wash has a refreshing smell of neem and doesn't hurt the nose at all. In fact, it is a revitalizing aroma for a nice morning face wash.

Coming to its performance, the face wash has a mild effect on skin and not harsh at all. It claims to fight oil and germs and is very soothing. It doesn't strip the skin of its natural oils completely. Dry and normal skin will have to apply a light moisturizer after the wash, whereas the oily skin people won't need it during summer. The face wash effectively cleanses the skin from oil, dirt and grime after an exhausting day. It is not very effective in removing makeup completely but does wash off the layers satisfactorily.

My skin is acne prone and hence I always try to use a face wash effective for my skin type. The face wash works pretty well on petty breakouts but is inefficient for severe purposes. Whenever I use this face wash, it keeps my skin completely pimple free. The key ingredients neem and tulsi works effectively in eliminating the acne issues and also soothe the skin. The face wash definitely protects the skin from germs and dust, but the oil controlling factor isn't very impressive. With my oily skin, it controls the oil for only 2 hours in hot and humid climate while in a cooler climate my skin remains oil free for around 3-4 hours. The price is reasonable and the product works great as a daily oil-free mild face wash.

Pros Of Garnier Pure Active Neem + Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash:
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly packaging.
  • Face wash is light green in color with the aroma of neem.
  • Runny consistency but requires very little amount.
  • Fights oils and germs and prevents acne.
  • Works very well for normal to oily skin.
  • Foaming face wash yet very mild.
  • Has the goodness of neem and tulsi.
  • Keeps the skin oil free for 2 hours during humid climate.
  • Reasonable price.

Cons Of Garnier Pure Active Neem + Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash:
  • A little dry for dry skin.
  • Won't work on severe acne and pores.
  • Oil control factor is low.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

With the changing season, I wanted a nice foaming face wash with mild properties and acne control. This is exactly what I desired! Though it won't be a staple face wash for dry skin, acne prone skin can benefit a lot from this product.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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