Coloressence Regular Range Nail Paint Bronzie Brown 22 Review

Hello, everyone. How are enjoying your monsoon? Well, I got drenched to my heart's content, fell...

Hello, everyone. How are enjoying your monsoon? Well, I got drenched to my heart's content, fell ill and recovered from a bad viral infection too. Coming to today's post, Coloressence nail paints are quite underrated in my opinion and some of the shades are very pretty and uncommon. I have used a handful of shades from their range and few of them were very impressive for the price tag it comes along. I have never been a fan of metallic shades, but the ones offered in this range deserves to be loved. They are subtle, beautiful and classy. Today I am going to review one of my favorite nail colors which I am obsessed with. It is Bronzie Brown from Coloressence. Let's see why am I loving this so much.

About Coloressence Regular Range Nail Paint Bronzie Brown 22:

Smooth Application, Chip resistance, no streak, no bubble vibrant and shades available for all moods and seasons. Available in 5 Ranges: Regular Range, Hip Hop Range, Bridal Range, Shimmer Range & Diva Range.


100 INR for 9 ml

Shelf Life:

24 months

Directions For Use:

Shake well before use. Apply 2 coats.

My Experience With Coloressence Regular Range Nail Paint Bronzie Brown 22:

Packaging: The nail paint comes in a rectangular thick glass bottle with a sleek black screw cap along with the applicator attached. The bottle is very sturdy and easy to carry around for traveling.
Shade: The shade is nowhere near brown, but a muted olive green metallic finish with a golden sheen to it. It somewhat resembles the OPI At Your Quebec and Call but a lighter version though. The color is not at all loud and can be easily worn for office. It looks beautiful on all the skin tones.
Texture: The consistency is semi-thin and can be applied easily without any streaks. You have to wait in between two coats, else it gets a bit messy.
Applicator Brush: The brush is long, thin and perfect for applying the color on long nails. It doesn't streak or form bubbles and therefore even in a hurry you cannot go wrong with the brush.

Pigmentation: Initially I thought it will have an average pigmentation, but it totally surprised me. With just 2 coats, it goes opaque and sets into a wonderful metallic finish. To make the color appear a shade darker you can go for the third coat.
Staying Power: The staying power is more or less good in my opinion. It stays for 3-4 days (with no base or top coat) without chipping. Although I do not involve myself in much household work but if your hands are in constant use you might see the corners chipping from the third day itself without any base or top coat.

The amount of nail polish is enough to last me a long time and I feel the price is also kept reasonable as well. Overall, a nice metallic olive green shade for daily wear.

Pros Of Coloressence Regular Range Nail Paint Bronzie Brown 22:
  • Nice packaging and easy to travel with.
  • A muted olive green shade with a metallic finish and a golden sheen.
  • Nice muted color for the office.
  • The applicator gives is good as there is no problem of streaks or bubbles.
  • Pigmentation is good as 2 coats give an opaque finish.
  • Good staying power of 3-4 days.
  • Reasonable price.

Cons Of Coloressence Regular Range Nail Paint Bronzie Brown 22:
  • Applicator brush could have been a bit thicker.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

The color is not a very conventional one yet very subtle and muted. As it suits a wide range of skin tones, I would definitely recommend it to all of you.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Such a beautiful shades and if it works with 2 coats, great!


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