Halloween Mummy Nail Art Tutorial

Hola sweeties! As I told you all that I will be back with a new series of nail art, here I am to kee...

Hola sweeties! As I told you all that I will be back with a new series of nail art, here I am to keep my word. Halloween day is approaching on 31st of October. Though Indians do not celebrate Halloween day, there is no harm in starting a new trend. Keeping the same in mind, I have come up with this Mummy Nail Art Tutorial. Mummies have always been a topic of mystery and great interest. They represent terror and evilness. The way people's bodies were mummified adds spookiness to it. Halloweens are all about fear and spookiness. So Mummy nails are apt for this event. Read on to know how to convert your nails into tiny mummies.

Things Needed:
  • Any base color of your choice. The color should be preferably pastel and light in shade. Neon colors will make it look more interesting.
  • Red nail polish.
  • Black nail polish.
  • White nail polish.
  • Dotting tool and a thin nail art brush.
  • Top coat.


Start by applying two coats of your base color. Wait for it to dry completely and then proceed.

Take your dotting tool and dip it in black polish. Make two eyes of the mummy with the black polish.

Dip your dotting tool in white color and make a small dot inside the black dot.

Finally dip your dotting tool in red polish and make a small dot inside the white dot.

Now start making random black lines with the help of your nail art brush. You need not be perfect in this as mummies were mummified randomly.

Add vertical and horizontal lines. Add diagonal lines over the eyes. You can go in any pattern in all your nails. The imprecision will add originality to it.

Apply your top coat after the designs dry. Your tiny mummies are now ready!

Mummy nails are the best option to go for this Halloween. Are you ready to create these mummy nails?
I hope you liked this spooky yet cute nail art. I will soon be back with a new design in this series.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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