Revlon Charlie Blue Perfumed Body Spray Review

Certain childhood memories are often so vividly etched in our mind that we recall every single detai...

Certain childhood memories are often so vividly etched in our mind that we recall every single detail. I still remember my visits to the cosmetic stores. The way I used to stand tip-toed, with the support of the glass counter, trying to catch a glimpse of the plethora of products spread out over the counter, which were being selected by my mom. In fact, it still brings to my mind the fascination I had for deodorants and body sprays. Different cans of deodorants in bright colours with beautiful fragrances left me absolutely mesmerized. I often used to tell myself, "When I grow up, I will buy lots of magic sprays with beautiful smell." One particular body spray that I still recall being displayed on the counter is Revlon Charlie Blue Perfumed Body Spray. I really liked their bright blue or bright red coloured cans and somehow grew fond of its heady scent too. But as I grew up, the presence of other body spray brands overshadowed my childhood liking and I soon forgot about buying them again. But just the other day when I received my second Diva Likes beauty haul, I was indeed happy to discover Revlon Charlie Blue Perfumed Body Spray as a part of it. I was suddenly reminded of my good old carefree days. So here I am ready to write a review about Revlon Charlie Blue Perfumed Body Spray.

About Revlon Charlie Blue Perfumed Body Spray:

Unleashing free-spirits with succulent blend of fresh jasmine and sandalwood.


170 INR for 107.6 g/150 ml

Ingredients List:

Alcohol Denatured, Butylene Glycol, Fragrance, BHT Propellant: Hydrocarbons, Ethyl Alcohol containing 1% Diethylphthalate, 55% w/w
Main Fragrance Notes:
The perfumed body spray features a melange of Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Musk, Rose, Jasmine & Geranium.

Directions For Use:

For best results, shake the can well and spray 15 cms away from the body and underarms. Do not spray directly on clothes.

My Experience With Revlon Charlie Blue Perfumed Body Spray:

Revlon Charlie Blue Perfumed Body Spray comes in a metallic cylindrical dark blue can with a convenient plastic cap. It has a press through nozzle which sprays the right amount of body spray. The intense blue shade of the can has a prominent presence when placed on the cosmetics shelf. It smoothly conveys the message that it is not just another girlie body spray but a very intense and feminine fragrance perfumed spray. And when I say intense, I literally mean it because the scent can be really strong if sprayed too lavishly. This musky, woody fragrance adds an old school touch to your aura.

Revlon Charlie Blue Body Spray is something you can wear to your friendly lunch date or during one of your shopping sprees but not exactly the type of scent you would want to wear at work or for a serious luncheon. Otherwise this free-spirited body spray is perfect to pep up the fun spirit with its woody scent and a super impressive staying power. Moreover this spray contains no CFC, which is a good thing because with all these environmental issues taking rounds, who needs more ozone depleting gases!

Pros Of Revlon Charlie Blue Perfumed Body Spray:
  • Free-spirited musky, woody fragrance.
  • Super long lasting aroma.
  • No CFC's present.
  • Convenient travel friendly packaging.
  • Decently priced.

Cons Of Revlon Charlie Blue Perfumed Body Spray:
  • Scent can be really strong if over applied.
  • Not appropriate for all occasions.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

For me Revlon Charlie Blue will always remain a classic, old-school perfumed body spray. Even though the scent can be very strong at times, I still love its woody and musky fragrance. It is a pleasant reminder of my good old childhood days.

Contributed By: Meghna Kar


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  2. I use the pink variant & I love it!

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