ChapStick Classic Strawberry Lip Balm Review & Swatch

For the kind of heat in Chennai, my lips require all the moisture available in the world. That is wh...

For the kind of heat in Chennai, my lips require all the moisture available in the world. That is why I make sure to use a lip balm always. Chapstick Classic is the most effective lip balm I have ever used. I would vouch for this lip balm even in my sleep. I will be reviewing the Strawberry flavor from the Classic range today. I was introduced to ChapStick by my sister a few years back. She got an entire bunch from abroad and gave me a few so that I can give it a try. She knew for a fact that I would instantly fall in love with it. Like she predicted, I fell head over heels in love with this product. None of the other balms I tried gave me the 100% satisfaction like ChapStick Classic. If you use it once, I am sure all of you out there would feel the same.

About ChapStick Classic Strawberry Lip Balm:
  • Softens and protects for smooth, silky lips every day.
  • Helps heal and prevent dry, chapped lips.
  • Sweet strawberry flavor.
  • Helps prevent sunburn.


$1.79 for 0.15 oz

Ingredients List:

Padimate O 1.5% (purpose-sunscreen)
White petrolatum 44% (purpose-skin protectant)
arachidyl propionate, camphor, carnauba wax, cetyl alcohol, D&C red no. 6 barium lake, fragrance, isopropyl lanolate, isopropyl myristate, lanolin, light mineral oil, menthol, methylparaben, octyldodecanol, paraffin, phenyl trimethicone, propylparaben, saccharin, white wax


Rarely available in India. It can be purchased online.

My Experience With ChapStick Classic Strawberry Lip Balm:

ChapStick Classic Strawberry Lip Balm comes in a white, opaque, cylindrical tube like container which is not any longer than my index finger. The product is similar to the pink colored hardened jelly stuffed into a tube. It is a two way twister making it very convenient to use, thereby avoiding wastage of the product. It smells and tastes like fresh strawberry which is mild and very inviting. The smell and taste is also accompanied with a slight tint making the lips look pink and pouty. One swipe is sufficient for your lips to stay moisturized for almost 5-6 hours without re-application. It is very light on the lips and you will hardly feel it. It does not present you with the slimy feel given by most of the other balms. When applied the lips feel extremely hydrated, making them soft and supple. The dryness instantly disappears when the product comes in contact with the lips. Even the most adamant chapped lips will be defeated by this product. It literally heals the lips over time making any discoloration disappear along the way. It contains SPF 5 protecting the lips from discoloration and sunburns. Overall, this is my wonder lip balm and definitely something everyone would love.

Pros Of ChapStick Classic Strawberry Lip Balm:
  • The twist packaging
  • Contains SPF
  • The smell and taste is mild and nice
  • The tint makes your lips look appealing
  • Keeps lips hydrated for almost 5 hours

Cons Of ChapStick Classic Strawberry Lip Balm:
  • Availability in India is a problem

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

This is hands down the best lip balm I have ever used. I would recommend it to every girl out there. Try it out and you will surely love it. Though it is not easily available in India, you can get it online. Trust me, this product is totally worth the purchase.

Contributed By: Supraja Prasad


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  1. Nice review I guess ths lip balm is rarely available in India..

    1. It is now available in India check online you will get it

    2. Yeah Divya. It is. And thank you so much :)

  2. Sounds like a nice lip balm! Would love to try it out <3


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