My Straight Hair Experiment

This post is a part of The Straigh Hair Experiment Contest - Sunsilk on Indiblogger There comes ...

This post is a part of The Straigh Hair Experiment Contest - Sunsilk on Indiblogger

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she has to look not just beautiful but extremely beautiful. Well, I am talking about the first date here! It is special for every girl and I too wanted to look my best and make this day memorable for both of us.

I was having a perfect dress for the occasion, make-up and accessories everything was all planned much earlier. On the D-Day I realized I have missed something important, which was deciding upon my hairstyle. I was worried and wanted to try something to make my hair look straight and lovely. I immediately applied lots of curd mixed with lemon juice to my hair and allowed it to stay on for 1 hour. Then I took head bath where I used Sunsilk shampoo along with conditioner as it works great for my hair. All I had was a dryer at that time. I used the dryer for strings of my hair by taking a few in hand. That’s how I completed drying my hair. The main point is here is using a dryer can straighten your hair to some extent. Of course, not completely straight though.
The look of my hair was okay now but I wanted to straighten it even further. I wanted to use an iron box to do it but was really scared because one of my friends has burnt her hair doing so. I was thinking of every possibility which is when I realized that hair gets straightened when it is exposed to heat and pressure. That was it! I went into the kitchen, heated water till it was fuming and transferred it into a steel tumbler. With the help of my sister, I spread my hair by lying down on the sofa, covered it with a transparent cloth and pressed it using the steel tumbler filled with hot water. This was done for the entire hair.

Thanks to my sister who had so much patience to help me out in this process. This did straighten my hair to a great extent and I was satisfied. And yes, my straight hair did add on to my looks that day.
Now, when I look back and think of that day, all I have is a smile on my face. And yes, I do own a straightener today :)

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