Save While You Shop For Foster Farms Chicken, Using DORI™ QR Code

Thanks to Foster Farms for sponsoring this post. Chicken is known all around the world for its excellent protein content. In addition to...

Thanks to Foster Farms for sponsoring this post.

Chicken is known all around the world for its excellent protein content. In addition to this, it has a wide range of health benefits. When I was struggling to eat the right food, my doctor suggested that I eat chicken regularly as it has high protein, essentials vitamins, minerals, and reduces cholesterol. Since then my weekly grocery shopping list definitely comprises of chicken. If you are a California resident, then you must be familiar with Foster Farms Chicken. The brand provides a wide selection of trustworthy and reliable fresh chicken. I am a weekly shopper at Safeway and during my recent visit, I came across the Foster Farms DORI™ QR code on the packaging. Read ahead to know more details about what it is!

Foster Farms Chicken

I love shopping at Safeway as it is one place where I get everything - vegetables, fruits, baking essentials, seafood, chicken, cakes, ice creams, magazines, gifts, etc. That makes it my go-to weekly shopping destination, and the store is less than a mile away from home. When shopping in the meat section, I was surprised to see the DORI™ QR code on the Foster Farms chicken package as I don't remember seeing this before.

Safeway Shopping

Foster Farms Breast Tenders

Safeway Shopping

When I investigated further, I learned that shopping for chicken is easier and more fun with DORI™. Use your smartphone camera and scan the new DORI™ QR code for exclusive coupons, hundreds of original recipes using Foster Farms chicken, a map of Foster Farms’ local California and Pacific Northwest chicken ranches, local food fests, and more. The best part about this QR code is that no app download was required. I just opened the camera on my iPhone, scanned the QR code and saved it. New iOS 11 and Android updates make scanning savings easier than ever. Learn more about Foster Farms chicken and DORI™ here.

Foster Farms DORI

Foster Farms QR Code

Foster Farms Chicken DORI QR Code

I am totally enjoying the wonderful recipes provided by DORI™. Thirty minute weeknight meals, easy lunches, entertaining recipes, healthy recipes, grilling favorites, family meals, slow-cooker meals and all-time classics are definitely worth a try. Savings while grocery shopping is something we all look out for and I am no exception. DORI™ exclusive deals help us stretch a budget. I am thankful to Foster Farms for the DORI™ QR code which makes saving while shopping so smooth for all of us.

Foster Farms is currently one of the first fresh poultry/meat companies with an on-pack QR code. So next time you shop for Foster Farms chicken, look for the DORI™ label on the packaging, scan the QR code and experience the amazing benefits yourself.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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