How To Plan A Value For Money Vacation

As the routine days pass by drudgingly, the free spirit in you craves for a vacation. You begin to browse exotic locales and idyllic places;...

As the routine days pass by drudgingly, the free spirit in you craves for a vacation. You begin to browse exotic locales and idyllic places; gorgeous resorts and exciting adventures. But then you look at your bank balance, and your spirits feel crushed. Hey, but why should a low balance in your account mar your travel plans? An amazing vacation should be full of happy times and novel experiences. And you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to do these wonderful things. If you want to know how to plan a value for money vacation, here are some easy to follow pointers for you.

How To Plan A Value For Money Vacation

Don’t look for peak seasons: This is by far the most important tip when planning a value for money vacay! Accommodations often increase their pricing (sometimes 3 to 4 times) when tourist flow is higher. However, the good news is that you can always swing a bargain when it is offseason. So, first check for peak season while choosing your destination and then pick your dates.

Hostel and guesthouses Vs. hotels: If you are a backpacker, why waste precious money on hotels? Instead, choose hostels. The more the number of beds in a hostel, the cheaper it gets. And you can have far more fun and make friends here than posh over the top hotels. If you are with family or a larger group of friends, hire a guest house instead. Buy local food items and cook your meals. You can save tons of money this way and enjoy your trip without a pinching pocket.

Travel the local way: Renting a cab is easy, but not cost-effective especially in a tourist destination. Talk to the locals and see how they travel most often. In a place like Seychelles hiring a car for the number of days you are staying there is cheaper than taking cabs. On the other hand, using the public bus in Egypt is stunningly cheaper than hiring private transport.

Travel light: There is no end to this point. Whenever one plans to travel, people just fill their luggage and carry 2 or 3 suitcases and bags! It is a bad idea if you are looking for a value for money vacation. If it is a cold place you are traveling to, wear the heavy jackets or carry it in your hand instead of packing them. If you are excited and happy, your photos will turn out to be good. So, don’t stock up your luggage with 3 different clothes for three different times of the day. Carry light clothes. Be careful with your footwear as they take up space and make your luggage heavy. If your bag tips the maximum baggage allowance, you will end up paying significantly more at the check-in counter. And that will not account for a budget-friendly travel, will it?

Check for free entry days: If you are traveling abroad, entry fees to tourist attractions such as museums can charge you a bomb. So, here’s the hack to avoid paying all that money. Cities such a Paris and Rome that are steeped in history have free days when there is no charge to visit museums. Take advantage of such occasions. Read up about such opportunities before you embark on your journey. If you have a valid student id, even better! Lots of places give discounts to students and the entry fees are considerably lower.

Value For Money Vacation

Check for best currency exchange rates: If you are planning a visit to a foreign destination, don’t wait until the last minute to exchange currency. See the rate trend, especially for the major currencies, and choose the best rate day. Also, shop around several forex agencies to check which place gives you the best exchange offer. Bigger travel agencies charge higher than smaller ones. You can also check for rates and agencies online and get your money delivered to your doorstep.

Don’t buy stuff that you will use just for your vacation: This is another simple trick to save money. If you are going to a place where you need a specific type of clothes, don’t rush to the mall at the first opportunity you get. Ask friends or cousins to see if they have the stuff to lend you. If you are never going to wear heavy boots (apart from the place you are traveling to) borrowing a pair is far better than buying one (those things are mighty expensive!)

Use social network to connect with locals: If you are making online bookings, quickly take a look at your friends' list to see if you find someone who lives where you are going. Connect, talk and share your travel ideas. Your friend as a guide in a distant land is better than a professional guide (both in terms of money and experience). Some booking sites also have the option to connect with the accommodation. Message the place, take their numbers and discuss your plans in a friendly way. You may strike awesome deals when you talk and make friends with people.

Invest in short-term debt funds: To make sure you can fund your trip, you need to plan for it in advance. Short-term debt funds are stable and best-suited for financial goals that are 1-3 years away. Though bank fixed deposits are preferred for short-term goals, debt-based mutual funds can be a better alternative as they generate higher returns for investors planning for a foreign travel trip. That’s why investing in ULIPs will be an ideal option to make sure you have saved enough for your trip without hampering your current finances.

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These were a few simple, logical, social hacks to help you plan a value for money vacation. So, without further ado start your research and pick your destination. Work can wait, travel cannot!


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