How To Dress For Your Body Type

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Therefore embrace what you have and cherish it forever. Try and recognize your body shape to practice ...

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Therefore embrace what you have and cherish it forever. Try and recognize your body shape to practice fashion and highlight the best features that will make you stand out in the crowd. There are varieties of body shapes and what matters is how you find the best match for your shape in terms of clothing. Sometimes we end up buying a dress which never suits the body type and the result turns out severe. There are pattern and shape for everybody irrespective of the weight. So in this post, we will help you identify the best-suited dress for your body type to make your life easier.

How To Dress For Your Body Type

Apple Shape Body

Apple shaped body is characterized by round and fuller shoulders, larger bust with fuller middle portion, along with curvy legs. Thus you have to highlight the legs and also bring attention to the face. You would have a heavier upper body in comparison to the lower part of the body. Firstly make sure you are wearing the right size of bra or the bra isn’t worn out. You can try a Knix bra and see if it suits you right. A-line dresses, flowy tops towards the lower portion or jackets will suit the best. Monochrome or deeper colors accentuate the features and you can create a good balance with flared jeans or pants. Try and avoid body-hugging, skinny jeans or upper waist belt. Jennifer Hudson and Elizabeth Hurley have apple shaped body.

Pear Shape Body

In a Pear shaped body, the best feature would be the lower portion of the body and that is the portion you have to highlight. The butt and thighs are slightly fuller than usual. This is also one of the best features of a curvy shape. You have to bring a balance between narrow shoulder and broad hips by dressing correctly. Try the wide legged pants, A-line clothes and skinny jeans or skirt will suit this pear-shaped body perfectly. You can also try boat neck tops and gowns. Avoid skinny outfit for upper body and loose outfit for the lower portion. Kim Kardashian is the perfect pear-shaped body and so are Beyoncé, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez.

Body Type Dressing

Hourglass Shape Body

This is considered as one of the perfect body shapes and has very balanced lower and upper features. This is surely a body every woman would dream of and most of the outfits look stunning in an hourglass body shape. Try and choose the outfits that would enhance your curves. The dresses that wrap up the waist or below the belly would suit the hourglass body. This is surely a versatile body shape. Try wearing peplum tops and outfits with upper waist belts. However, skip wearing flaunted upper and lower outfit. Salma Hayek, Sofía Vergara, and Marilyn Monroe have hourglass body shape.

Rectangular Shape Body

A rectangular shaped body has the waist and hips of the same size. It is a pretty straightforward shape. Therefore concentrate on the arms and legs to accentuate the feature along with the waistline. The best clothes would be skirts with ruffles, bows or embellishment details and also sleeveless and strapless lines. Layer the clothes with jackets, scarves, and blazers to add volume and definition to the waistline. You can also add broad waist belts with any loose outfit to accentuate the waistline. Avoid straight fit clothes like palazzo and loose tops. Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman, and Nicole Kidman have Rectangular shaped body.

Inverted Triangle Shape Body

The shoulders and bust are wider than the hips in an inverted triangle body shape. This is also an athletic looking body type. Therefore, the features that should be accentuated are the hands and shoulders. To add proper definition to the hips wear straight cut jeans or pants and dress that are naturally in an inverted V shape. Never layer the upper body with jackets and scarves. V neckline is best suitable for inverted triangle body shape. Never wear ruffles or too many pleadings on the upper portion but concentrate them on the lower portion. Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell, and Pamela Anderson have an inverted triangle body shape.


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