Pregnancy Week By Week : 39 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

What's up mommies? You are at the door of motherhood and your baby is knocking it already. Your little one is a full term baby now and ...

What's up mommies? You are at the door of motherhood and your baby is knocking it already. Your little one is a full term baby now and will start making its way into this big wide world anytime now. While your excitement knows no bound, your baby's brain knows no slowing down right now. Its brain is gearing up at a rapid pace to prepare itself for the world outside the safety and comfort of your womb. Find out what to expect during these last few days of your pregnancy.

39 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

Rapid brain development

There's no end to the rapid brain development now. And it will continue until your newborn is three years old. Almost a 30% of its body weight can be attributed to the head alone, with all the grey and white matter along the nerves and cells which are gearing up for the grand appearance in another 2 weeks or less!

Crying without tears

Yes, crying is an integral part of being a baby. All babies cry and it is their primary way to communicate with the world as soon as they step into it. But strangely, after long spells of crying, unlike big babies and adults, babies don't seem to have any tears in their eyes. This is because their tears glands do not open till they are 3 months old. So right now, your baby has developed its tear glands but they aren't yet functional.

Colour of the skin

The vernix or the cheesy coating covering your little one all this while has pretty much disappeared. The pinkish skin that your little one was sporting all this time, is being replaced by a white or whitish grey, thanks to the layer of fat right under its skin. The blood vessels and capillaries are safe under the fat. Irrespective of the pigment or melanin concentration that will decide the complexion of your baby, at birth your little one will have whitish skin.

Tiny breast buds

This week, little breast buds will appear on your baby's chest. Both the genders will have them by this time.

Size of your baby

Your baby has reached its birth weight and is anywhere from 6 to 9 pounds. There will hardly be any more growing till it is born. Your little one is the size of a nice ripe pumpkin measuring around 19 to 21 inches head-to-toe. Surprisingly, almost a third of your munchkin's total weight is concentrated on the head while the rump and the limbs combined are accountable for the rest of the body weight.

39 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

Your body is heavier than heavier: With a full-term baby inside your womb, this is the heaviest you could look during your entire length of pregnancy. The maternity clothes feel like a blessing as you lug around your large belly arranging and re-arranging the nursery of the little one.

Discomfort gets a new high: The Braxton-Hicks contractions feel more intense these days, though they are still false alarms. Keep a tab every time you get one, because any time now the real labor may commence.

Shooting pain from the vagina to legs: There's nothing to be alarmed, but best to be prepared. Such pain is common when delivery is near. This pain is referred to as 'Lightning crotch' where the baby presses down your pelvic nerves causing the shooting sensation. The lower the baby goes, the more intense this pain becomes. Motherhood is not pain-free and this is just the beginning!

Digestive disturbances: Diarrhoea, nausea, gassiness and bloating are all signs that you are very close to labor. The muscles are all in relaxed positions to aid the process of birthing. Hence all these uncomfortable digestive troubles!

Health Tips

  • Notice the signs of labor: It is very important to know about the signs of labor so that immediate attention can be given to you and there is no complication due to any delay. Water breaking may occur when the amniotic sac breaks releasing water-like fluid that seems as if you have urinated. Vaginal discharge that is reddish or pinkish is a sign that your capillaries have ruptured as a result of cervix dilation and it's time for labor. The mucous plug gives away and you may notice a thick whitish discharge. All these are indications that you are going into labor.
  • Nap as much as you can: You may feel a sudden burst of energy during the last few days of your pregnancy. Don't try to make use of it. Conserve every bit of energy you can by taking ample rest. Your days of resting are coming to a temporary end soon.
  • Massage your breasts: Your baby will need nourishment as soon as it is born. Massage your breasts gently so that there is good circulation and they are prepared to be milked that will be the sole source of nutrition for your newborn.

Try not to be all overwhelmed. Moms are blessed with special powers to give life and nourish their babies, even though it seems like a daunting task at the beginning. Enjoy your new phase – a really rewarding phase in life.



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