Get Cashback & Save At Restaurants Using Groupon+

"This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Groupon and Fourstarzz Media. All opinions are my own and honest." No doubt wee...

"This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Groupon and Fourstarzz Media. All opinions are my own and honest."

No doubt weekends are fun. Ours is pretty busy meeting our friends, taking our son to his favorite places, prepping for the coming week and most importantly having a delicious meal at a fancy restaurant. Since dining at the restaurants is a thing we do often, it would be great to have some sort of deals or savings on the bill. To help food lovers like me, Groupon+ has come up with a wonderful way to earn cash back up to 30% at all participating restaurants. We are all aware of Groupon, so let's discuss more details about Groupon+ which is the next big thing.


To begin with, login to your Groupon account. Click here and enroll your credit card (Visa / Mastercard) to get started with your Groupon+ deals. The card will not be charged by Groupon+ and is only for cash back purpose. You can search the deals through Groupon as well as the mobile app. Once you find a deal of your choice, you can claim it for free. It gets saved in your Groupon+ deals and will get linked to the credit card you enrolled in the Groupon+.

Groupon+ Cashback

Groupon+ Deals

Being a pizza lover, I came across a great deal of 20% cash back at Round Table Pizza. All I had to do is click Claim and the deal got added to "My Groupon+ Deals" and linked to my Visa card on the Groupon account that I had enrolled with. We then visited the restaurant and enjoyed tasty appetizers and pizza for dinner. We paid with the credit card enrolled with Groupon+ and saved 20% over the bill through cash back. Fantastic, isn't it? The cash back appears on the credit card statement and it's great seeing some savings on the restaurant bill.

Groupon+ Offer

Cash back limit varies with each deal and restaurant. After claiming a deal, you will receive an email confirmation on how to use it. Once the Groupon+ deal is used, you will get an email confirming your purchase qualifies for cash back. It appears on your credit card as a credit from Groupon along with the merchant name and can also be viewed as cash back under My Groupon+ Deals. The best thing about using Groupon+ is that it is voucherless with no fuss of printing and carrying the voucher. Also, no matter what your bill is, you are going to save the same percentage of cash back. Last but not the least, you can use the deal instantly and as many times as you want till it expires. You do not have to add it every single time, so yay!

Now you know what to do before heading to your favorite restaurant. Claim the deal, swipe your card and save the money.


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