9 Ways To Get The Best Arthritis Care

An active life when trapped in the clutches of arthritis can come to a standstill making the person suffering from it distressed and depress...

An active life when trapped in the clutches of arthritis can come to a standstill making the person suffering from it distressed and depressed. It is not just the physical pain that a person affected by arthritis has to deal with. The psychological impact is no less. The thought of doing simple chores such as drying washed clothes and doing the dishes can become backbreaking, leave alone the bigger daily tasks. The pain in the joints is a result of inflammation. In medical terms, there are two primary types of arthritis. Whether you are suffering from osteo or rheumatoid arthritis, getting the best arthritis care can relieve you of the acute movement troubles.

Arthritis Care

1. Seek help at the earliest

When there seems to be a lingering pain in your joints, don't wait for the situation to get worse. Osteo arthritis begins with slight morning stiffness. Within a matter of weeks or months, it can become more intense and your movements may become limited because of the acute pain in moving your limbs. Do a local search for an arthritis specialist in your city or search for the best orthopaedic hospital in India (in case you have an acute situation that requires advance medical attention).

2. Record your details carefully

When you visit an orthopaedic, make sure you have all the necessary details handy. Right from the answers to basic questions such as how long you have been experiencing joint stiffness to more detailed ones such as medicine allergies, lifestyle pattern and your capacity to spend on treatments will have to be given correctly in order to follow the right course of action. Accurate details will help the practitioner diagnose the level of inflammation and how to go about the treatment.

3. Explain your pain objectively

This may seem one of the most difficult things to do – give an accurate description of your pain. But giving an accurate account of your pain will make it easier for an experienced practitioner to treat you towards a quick and effective recovery. If your pain becomes unbearable, check with the list of the best orthopaedicians in India for diagnosis and remedy.

4. Document everything the orthopaedic says

This aspect is critical if you want the best arthritis care. We often listen to what the doctors say and make mental notes only. We rely on the prescription written by the orthopaedic but often forget to follow the other instructions and recommendations given by him. Why? It is because we do not document these things and set them aside as mere advisory. But following the advice leads to a more effective treatment resulting in faster relief from acute joint pain and fewer trips to the clinic.

5. Take the lab test seriously

Most of the best orthopaedics in India will assess the level of your arthritis based on your description of pain in the joints and your limited movements. However, for a more in-depth understanding of your condition, you may be asked to take a few lab tests. The best orthopaedic hospitals in India will have an in-house lab to carry out all the tests. All you have to do is give the samples and collect the results at the time stated by the pathologist. But if your clinic does not have a diagnostic lab, do not ignore the importance of getting the tests done promptly at a reputable lab. The sooner you carry out the tests, the better the arthritis care you will receive. Delaying the matter will only make things go downhill, and you don't want to be stuck with a stiff joint forever, do you?

Orthopaedic Hospital

6. Learn and read up about your condition

When you are armed with appropriate knowledge about your physical condition, one-fourth of your arthritis battle is won. Don't get steered by old wives' tales about ailments. Read up medical journals and do your bit of research on Google to understand just how serious your situation is and how it can be tackled. Visiting the doctor is a must to move on the right course, but when you have the facts and figures related to your condition, no one can fool you. If you want the best arthritis care, it is imperative to do your homework so that you are sure about the treatment you receive for your pain and ailment.

7. Opt for non-drug treatment

If you have just begun to feel the joint pain and stiffness, go to a doctor, but don't begin to pop pills right away. There are natural therapeutic options available that can control the condition considerably. Exercises such as aerobics, strength training, and motion tai chi can provide significant improvement to your condition, especially in case of osteoarthritis in the knee joints. Acupuncture can prove beneficial in alleviating the pain if you have acute joint stiffness. Trying to shed the kilos off your frame may also help in arthritis.

8. Go on an anti-inflammatory diet

What you eat can have a significant impact on your bone health and overall vitality. In case of arthritis, including an anti-inflammatory diet in your lifestyle and staying away from the foods that may make the situation worse can work wonders for your health. Foods rich in antioxidants such as fish and nuts can go a long way if you are suffering from arthritis. Avocado, strawberries and tart cherries have anti-inflammatory properties. Include dark green vegetables, bell pepper, sweet potato and squash to your daily diet for positive results. In an Indian household, one set of food that will definitely augment your fight against inflammation is spices. Turmeric, garlic, cayenne and cinnamon are all known to have anti-inflammation properties to give you respite from joint pain.

9. Resolve to fight it and WIN

The pain you experience is physical, but it is all controlled by the mind. And the human mind can achieve wonders if it wants to. So let arthritis not bog you down to a couch or bed. Make up your mind to fight it with the right treatment, knowledge and a proper lifestyle. Be on top of arthritis care.

With the points mentioned above, you will be able to combat the ill effects of arthritis on your life and take all the necessary steps required to find relief from the stubborn pain caused because of it.


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