How To Introduce Your Child To Childcare

Starting childcare for your child is going to happen at some point. And if you are a working mother, then it would have already happened. Aa...

Starting childcare for your child is going to happen at some point. And if you are a working mother, then it would have already happened. Aakarsh is now 16 months and I am planning to enroll him in childcare. It is a big step, both for him and us as parents. To make the childcare transition positive, there are a few things to be taken care of before the child starts going to childcare. So here are a few tips for you to get started:

How To Introduce Your Child To Childcare

Create Interest In Your Child About Childcare

The transition to childcare requires some work from parents end. Once you have decided the childcare facility, start talking to your child about it. Tell them things about the childcare which interest them. For example, KidsPark has a recreation setting which includes games, art, indoor play structure, drama, stories etc. Share the same with your child and tell them that it is going to be wonderful to have friends and indulge in all these activities. You can even take your child to the daycare for an hour or so before he actually joins there. This will help them get familiar with the place and makes it easy on the first day.

Visit The Facility First

Before you enroll your child, make sure to pay a visit to the childcare facility first. It helps you get an idea of the surroundings, class strength, cleanliness and safety conditions. You can also learn more about the license and early childhood education teachers once you pay a visit. There are varieties of options for childcare available. KidsPark offers childcare services to children 2-11 years old, with a few centers accepting children as young as 12 months. They offer hourly child care days, evenings and weekends and are open till midnight on Friday and Saturdays. Choose the right childcare services suitable for your needs. You have to make sure that your child feels comfortable and is ready to play in that setting.

Childcare Introduction

Establish A Routine

Get in touch with the childcare facility and learn their schedule. You can also talk to them about your child's daily routine and workout a way which works best for the child. In the days leading to joining your child in the childcare, make him accustomed to the schedule slowly if not completely. Sticking to daily morning and bedtime routines will give a lot of time for yourself and your little one to bond and makes the entire day go smoothly.

Talk To The Teachers & Get To Know Them

Once you child joins the childcare, try to drop by the facility whenever you have time. This way you can spend some time getting to know the teachers and see their interaction with the children. You can ask their feedback or advice which will help make the childcare transition much easier. KidsPark teachers have an early childhood background and pass all background checks. Every day there are featured activities that include cooking, arts, and crafts, sensory exploration, games or hands-on science. Click here to see if there is a KidsPark location near you! You will know more details about the doings of your child when you get to know the teachers in person.

Childcare Tips

Make Your Goodbyes A Ritual

Though babies adjust well to the childcare and do not have much of separation anxiety, infants and toddlers are very much aware of what is happening. So prepare yourself for a few tears and that is most common. Do not try the disappearing acts as it makes them concerned and you lose their trust. Explain your child beforehand that you are going to drop them at the childcare and he will stay there for the day. Assure them that you will pick them up at the end of the day. Do not prolong the goodbyes and try to keep them short as it can get difficult for both of you if you keep hanging in for long.

Mandatory Items To Be Made Available

Keep a separate bag for your child with all the items required for the daycare on a daily basis. This includes extra clothes, diapers, wipes, bottles, sippy cups, jackets, sunscreen, bedding clothes etc. If there is any favorite toy or snack your child likes, you can add that too. This is going to make them so happy. Do not forget to put a label of your child's name to avoid any confusion.

KidsPark Childcare

Provide Your Contact In Case Of Emergencies

When you are leaving your child in the childcare facility, you make sure they are in good hands. However, there might be certain circumstances such as health issues or safety problems when the childcare might want to contact you. So make sure they have your contact in case of emergencies. This includes your home and work address, mobile number, work number, and email id. In case you are not reachable for some reason, it is always best to provide them with one or two other contacts (your family or friends) as well.

Happy Kids. Happy Parents. So go ahead and make the right choice for your child's childcare.

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