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Decorating can be an overwhelming task. Each year designers come up with new and exciting ideas which may prove very challenging to translat...

Decorating can be an overwhelming task. Each year designers come up with new and exciting ideas which may prove very challenging to translate into bite-size ideas for your home.
To help you along your decorating journey we have compiled a list of the top home decor trends in 2017 and ways to incorporate them into your living spaces.

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The pantone color of the year 2017 is bright green. The color is meant to bring a feeling of freshness and a rejuvenating energy into your home. From lampshades to couch pillows and even a fresh new coat of paint in your living room, this color is sure to keep your home on trend.
If bright green may prove too overwhelming for you, emerald green may be the perfect fit for your home. Though this color was popularized in 2016 it is still equally on trend.

Navy Blue

Dubbed the new black, Navy Blue is the alternative darker color for 2017. The color can be used to balance very bright big rooms or to instantly create a contemporary look in your home.

Raw White

Think chalk white or bone white for centerpieces.


Texture is not only great for your touch senses but it's an optical pleasure. A chunky knit throw, a velvet headboard, cerused wooden tables are some of the ways you can incorporate texture in your home.

Mixed Patterns

Juxtaposing different geometric prints from African to Asian is also one of those trends that are still relevant and very trendy in 2017. The trick is to balance the different prints in a cohesive manner.


The world is moving back to the appreciation of excellent craftsmanship versus mass production. Unique pieces that are handmade and crafted to the detail are increasingly gaining back popularity in the design fraternity. From embroidered detailing to hand-sewn ornaments and glass blown vases, intricately woven chandeliers and centerpieces that require excellent Artisan skills are investment pieces for your home decor 2017.

Packed Away

Space is increasingly becoming valuable. The need to declutter and maximize space has led to the invention of interesting home fittings that can be folded and packed away to create a clean very minimalistic spaces.

Matte Finishes

Matte finishes on home appliances that are usually very glossy and also very trendy this season. From fridges to ovens, a matte finish is the way to go in 2017.

Tropical Prints

If you don't know that tropical prints are trending, then where have you been? As seen all over Instagram and runways, tropical prints have finally made their way into home decor. One of the ways you can incorporate this trend is through palm prints on drapes or beddings and upholstery.


Marble tops in combination with industrial metals.

Old With The New

Mixing furniture from different eras with contemporary furniture is also one of the ways you can revamp your home. This gives your home character and personality.

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