The ABC Of Minimalistic Jewelry

Coco Chanel once said: "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" Who knew, Chanel could predict today's fashion movemen...

Coco Chanel once said: "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" Who knew, Chanel could predict today's fashion movement so precisely, so many decades ago. Today less is more and minimalism and elegance define the fashion sense of the millennials.
Opting for simple accessories can often serve to make a bolder visual impression than patterned or flashy designs. These minimalist jewelry designs showcase simple outlines that can be just as impressive. Simple and classy diamond jewelry designs have indeed become the talk of the town.
More than a trend, minimalist jewelry is a concept, an effective way to reach gorgeousness by wearing tiny, delicate, and affordable pieces of jewelry. Geometric designs and thin chains are conquering the look this season. If you want to go minimal, layered thin chains, tiny sparkling studs, thin stacked rings, and mini-charms, are a must-have. And of course, let's not forget, the star of minimal jewels: the lariat necklace. Unlike many items that go out of trend quickly, minimalist jewels are basics that will always find its place in your wardrobe!
The current trend of minimalistic jewelry is stacking them all together. The trend is to place rings on different fingers. One can also accessorize the nails with a nail ring.

Nail Ring

Apart from nail rings, midi rings are also very popular and a great styling accessory. One can style these rings by stacking the nail, the midi, and the normal ring on one finger to create a unique and cool look. The accessory below is a midi ring.

Midi Ring

Add a Parisian-inspired style to your look by pairing up a quality basic t-shirt with a delicate necklace. This will make your look neat, clean, and classy because of its simplicity. Although minimalist necklaces are dainty, they can make a powerful style statement. They are often adorned with precious stones, crystals, and motif pendants which add depth, especially when layered together. A simple angular necklace can look sharp on a solid shaded blouse and a tight bun to the office.

Delicate Necklace

Layered chains are a great way to spruce up your look. A jeans and t- shirt accessorized with the chain can make a plain jane look ultra-chic. These chains make an awesome statement when teamed up with a simple outfit.

Mismatch earnings are becoming the new fashion essential. Women today are trying to incorporate a little wacky angle in their wardrobe by adding the mismatch earrings.

Mismatch Earrings

While we've seen the rise of ear cuffs in the recent past, they continue to reign in their minimal avatar. They prove to be effective by adding spunk to a look almost instantly. For your next breakfast date, sweep your hair to one side, throw on a ruffled dress and finish it off with an ear cuff.

Ear Cuffs

This is the best kind of arm candy a lady needs. Minimal bracelets add a sense of sophistication to just about any look. They are often peppered with symbols and created with an open-end design which only adds to its chic value! Create a contrast by pairing your minimal bracelets with a chunky timepiece which will uplift your sweatshirt look on your off-day.


Many e-retailers like CaratLane have a wide selection and designs of minimalistic jewelry that can add an edge to your look. Apart from great designs the online sites also have many discounts.
Sometimes to pull off the chic look, all you need to do is stick to this logic – less is more! Minimalist jewelry is simple, elegant, and when accessorized right, it can accentuate your features and body. You can also pull off just about any look, be it elegant or punk, just by pairing simple pieces together.

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