Pregnancy Week By Week : 26 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

You are now at 26 weeks of your pregnancy and may experience a range of mood swings. One day you may feel on top of the world and happy for ...

You are now at 26 weeks of your pregnancy and may experience a range of mood swings. One day you may feel on top of the world and happy for no apparent reason and the next day you may feel grim and murderous. It's alright to feel anything you want. You are pregnant after all and you will soon bring a beautiful baby into this world. If you wish to know the reasons behind your abrupt temperament and other changes and aches in your body, find the details below.

26 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

Eyes are opening finally

The development of the retina is almost complete by this week. It was because the retina was in its developing stage that your baby's eyes were closed all this time. Now it is slowly beginning to open. There isn't much to see for your little one right now, but if you shine a light on near your protruding belly, your baby may kick as it can sense the light.

Brain waves are gearing up

All this time your baby was able to hear your voice and often got startled at loud noises. By week 26, it can not only listen to your cooing, but it can respond to it as well. This is because its brain waves are gearing up rapidly. The response will not be in form of sound but as increased pulse rate. You may also feel it moving, punching or kicking at the sound of a familiar voice.

Fat deposit is building up

The lean body of your tiny bundle is fattening up thanks to the adipose build up. The fat cells will continue to build up under the skin till the very last week of your pregnancy and you will be gifted with a bonny baby you can cuddle.

Stronger umbilical cord

Your baby is getting all the essential nutrients required by its body through the umbilical cord. The cord is getting thicker and stronger. Your baby may even catch and grasp it now and then (there aren't too many playthings in your uterus.)

Your baby's size and weight

Over 14 inches long and 2 pounds, your baby is comparable to the head of a lettuce. That's quite a big thing. The weight of your baby is almost as much as a liter of Coke. Therefore, you may be feeling your womb getting heavier by the day. The space in your womb is gradually becoming smaller for your baby. This should not bother you, as it is just preparation for your baby getting ready to come out in some more weeks.

26 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

The belly button is protruding out: This happened a few weeks ago and it is more prominent now. As your uterus gets bigger, it pushes out the belly from within resulting in a 'Not too fashionable' outie. But this will remain only till you give birth, and soon after the navel will slide back to its original form.

Difficulty sleeping long hours: Pregnancy insomnia is a real thing and affects almost 60% of pregnant women. Your body is constantly fueling your baby's growth and there are lots of changes occurring in your body simultaneously. Increased blood flow, raging hormones, varicose veins, the weight of your belly, restless legs, tingling hands, and the need to empty your urinary bladder are distractions to a night of peaceful sleep. In a way this is good. It is like preparing your body to be up all night trying to understand why the little one is crying its lungs out.

Pregnancy migraines: If you have a migraine history, chances are they will increase in frequency during this time. The changes in your body and the stress you feel from carrying a big load all day long may trigger the attacks. Try holistic therapies instead of going for your favorite migraine medicine as the latter is off-limits for you right now. A gentle painkiller can also be effective for a few hours, but always take it after consulting with your gynecologist.

A feeling of being clumsy: If you have been walking tall and straight all your adult years, the sudden clumsiness you experience during pregnancy can be a bummer. But clumsiness in movement during pregnancy is common, primarily because of the shift in your center of gravity. You have to be more careful during this time as the risk of falling or tripping (even in flat shoes) is higher. Avoid walking on bumpy uneven surfaces.

Health Tips

  • Rest is crucial: You will be experiencing different kinds of pain at this juncture of your pregnancy. Discomforts may rise due to round ligament pain, leg restlessness, migraines, back aches and so on. Therefore, you need to take ample amount of rest to give your body some relief from all the troubles it is suffering right now.
  • Listen to soothing music: Now that your baby can hear you, it is a good idea to play calming music. It will not just soothe your exhausted mind and body, but also helps your baby remain calm and comfortable. Talk to a therapist about the benefits of music therapy during pregnancy.
  • Keep a check on your weight gain: If you have put on more weight than the average range, you may want to speak to your practitioner about keeping it in check. Excess weight gain can cause problems later and it may become difficult for you to shed the pregnancy weight after delivery.

Eat well, stay relaxed and feel happy because in just a few more weeks your baby will be in your arms. But also keep yourself prepared for relentless nights of crying and feeding. And not to forget the nappy changing!

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