Pregnancy Week By Week : 9 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

So you have now moved into 9 weeks of your pregnancy and are probably getting used to the whole deal of being pregnant. You have already cho...

So you have now moved into 9 weeks of your pregnancy and are probably getting used to the whole deal of being pregnant. You have already chosen your gynecologist and have made your first or second visit. You have started to note the changes in your body and the experiences associated with pregnancy, though there is hardly any baby bump to show the world that you are a soon-to-be-mom. The 9th week witnesses a lot of crucial changes and developments in your baby. To know what they are, keep scrolling down.

9 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

End of the embryonic stage

Your baby will come to the end of the embryonic stage and develop into a fetus soon. It is leaving behind the reptilian shape and looking more and more like a human baby.

The head and facial features continue to grow

The head that looked like a lump all these weeks is finally straightening out and rounding up to look like a little head. The ears and its internal parts have started to develop by this time. The fingers and toes are also becoming visible and are much less webbed.

Functioning of the vital organs

The organs such as the heart, liver, brain, kidney, and lungs are developing real fast and are beginning their functions too. The heartbeat is clearly audible during the ultrasound scanning. Waste management by the kidney and liver have started although they are not fully efficient at this stage.

Muscle development

Your baby had started moving since last week, but now the muscles are growing stronger and therefore the movements are more frequent. However since the muscles are still forming and are small, you will not feel your baby moving around in your womb for a few more weeks.

You baby is growing fast

If you were happy last week to find out that your baby was the size of a raspberry, this week will excite your further. At 9 weeks, your little one has grown to the size of an olive fruit which is probably an inch long.

9 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

It feels like a long haul going from one place to another or climbing a few flights of stairs. You may want to take frequent breaks during a busy day and just put your head down on your desk and doze off for a few minutes. Don't worry if people around you look confused about your recent behavior. These changes are natural at this stage. To find out the details about what your body goes through during this week, keep reading.

Extreme fatigue and tiredness: You have given your body the responsibility of taking care of your growing baby and giving it all that it requires for its healthy development. This is no mean task and your body is constantly at work. So it is natural for your to feel drained out and tired.

Increase in metabolism: The development of the placenta ensures that your baby gets all the nourishment it requires from you via this channel. In order to provide your little one with adequate nourishment, your body automatically ups its metabolism with the help of the hormones. This leads to a drop in your blood sugar and pressure levels. So no wonder you suffer from pregnancy fatigue.

Size of your uterus: When your baby is growing inside your uterus, it is only obvious that your womb will also have to grow to accommodate the growing body in it. During week nine of your pregnancy, your uterus is almost the size of a cantaloupe. The increase in size may give you the feeling of bloating and your waistline may have grown by an inch or two.

Water retention: This may or may not really affect you, but there is more water retention in your body at this time than when you weren't pregnant. You may notice slight swelling in the feet. The rings on your fingers may feel tighter than usual. These are some visible results of water retention in the body.

Health Tips

  • Get some fresh air: With nausea and tiredness, you may feel really low and distressed. This is the normal course of things and if you don't wish to mope over it, go out and get some fresh air. Take a walk in the garden or the nearby park for a few minutes each day. Unwind with friends and family, if you have the luxury to do so. Don't indulge into anything too hardcore as the first trimester is very crucial of your baby. So it is best to be cautious of your activities.
  • Music therapy: This has helped a lot of women cope with pregnancy distress. Listen to soulful music and relax. Try to clear your mind of cluttered thoughts and just focus on the happy ending at the end of your pregnancy when you hold a little bundle of joy in your arms.
  • Drink plenty of fluids: Water and other healthy fluids will help maintain the pH balance in your body and provide you some relief from gas and acidity. It will also keep you hydrated and make you cope better with your bodily discomforts.
  • Use a cushion to rest your back: Aches and cramps are common evils and will keep you company for some time. If you have to work in a seated position for long, make sure you have a comfortable cozy cushion for support. This reduces the chances of a backache during work hours. Also try to have a stool or a pedestal to keep your feet up, especially if you notice swelling in your feet.

Yes, it is true that the going is getting tougher now. But the good thing is that soon your will enter the second trimester and all these uncomfortable experiences will begin to fade away. So think of this as a transition period and try to remain as calm and relaxed as possible.


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  1. Water retention is most common problem. My rings never fitted me right from the second month of pregnancy.


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