Pregnancy Week By Week : 8 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

Wow, mommies! Can you believe that you are almost two months pregnant now? A lot has been happening since you conceived and so much is yet t...

Wow, mommies! Can you believe that you are almost two months pregnant now? A lot has been happening since you conceived and so much is yet to come. Have you already seen the first glimpse of your baby in the ultrasound scan? If not, your doctor will soon ask you to get one done. If you are excited to find out what happens to your baby during the 8th week of your pregnancy, here you go.

8 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

Losing the embryonic tail

Till now your baby was a tiny embryo growing at a rapid pace. By the 8th week, it is nearing the end of its embryonic stage and will soon start off with the fetal stage. This transition starts with the loss of the embryonic tail.

Nose, lips, and eyelids

The tadpole-like look of your baby is slowly giving way to a more baby-like look. A tiny button for a nose is visible now. The eyelids are forming though they are very thin right now. A scan may also reveal evidence of lips, especially a protruding upper lip can be seen quite clearly.

Increase in heartbeat

All this growth in your baby has got it charged too. Therefore there's no surprise that now your baby's little heart is beating at the amazing rate of 150 to175 beats per minute.

Increase in amniotic fluid

The baby inside your womb is showing signs of moving and to enable its twitching and turning, there is an increase in the volume of the amniotic fluid in your uterus.

Finger and toe developments

Till now your baby's hands and feet looked webbed, but now they are changing and growing longer. The fingers and toes are beginning to show, though they are not fully formed as yet.

Gonad formation

Your baby's gender was determined a few weeks ago, but during the 8th week of your pregnancy, the gonads are in their initial stages of development, forming either testicles or ovaries based on the gender of your little one.

Bones are getting stronger

Medically termed at ossification, your baby's bones are starting to become stronger and harder. Also bony parts such as the wrists, elbows and joints are developing quickly.

Size of your little one

Well, your baby has definitely grown in size this week and by the end of the 8th week, it will be big as a raspberry. Every part of your baby has begun to grow, approximately a millimeter a day.

8 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

Are the pregnancy symptoms making you feel squeamish? Are the trips to the bathroom becoming more frequent than ever? Are your clothes a constant reminder of your increasing weight? Though all these things may be distressing at times, the good news is that you are well into your pregnancy and these symptoms prove that it is progressing quite well. Here are the body changes you will experience this week:

Growing uterus: As your baby grows and begins to move (you will not be able to feel its little movements as yet), your uterus will increase in size to accommodate the little one in a more comfortable way. As mentioned above, there will be an increase in the amniotic fluid in your womb to ease the movements of your baby.

Varicose veins around the breasts: Your breasts are also preparing to lactate in a few months to provide nutrition to your little one. There is an increased blood supply to your breasts resulting in varicose veins. These are dark veins that you can see around the area. For some women, these veins appear more prominent whereas for some it may not appear just as yet.

Development of Montgomery tubercles: Sounds complicated? Well, Montgomery tubercles are the small glands on the areola region begin to develop to prepare the mammary glands for lactation once the baby is born. As these glands develop they cause the nipples to grow in size.

Abdominal cramps: Abdominal pain due to the cramps is very common during this time, but honestly there is nothing to worry about. These cramps occur because of the increasing size of your womb and the weight it carries.

Less efficient digestive activities: Thanks to the hormone Relaxin, there may be mild to severe acid reflux and you may experience a burning sensation in your throat, especially when you try to have a good night's sleep.

Health Tips

If your morning sickness (that stretches across the day) is giving you a hard time, feel happy that you are having a successful and healthy pregnancy and your baby is getting all that it requires for a smooth growth. If you want a get a hold on those hormones for some relief, here are the health tips for this week.

  • Choose a bowl of fruits over spicy snacks: Comfort food may sound like a good idea, but focus on your fruits. They are packed with essential vitamins and minerals and will help you and the baby inside of you. Choose rainbow fruit bowl that is not just rich in nutrients but also looks inviting and cheerful when your body feels sick at the sight of a thick vegetable or meat gravy.
  • Include squats in your workout regime: If you are into a light workout, including squats in your exercise routine will help tone your thighs and make your thigh and pelvic muscles stronger. This will help during labor and in pushing the baby down.
  • Use a good sunscreen when going out: Pigmentation is a common problem during pregnancy. If you notice dark patches on your skin, it is mainly due to the hormones. But you can control a great deal of skin darkening by using a good sunscreen with at least SPF 20 when you are out in the sun.
  • Ensure you get enough fiber from your diet: By this time, unless you are really lucky, you may have constipation. So it is a great idea to stock up on fibrous foods to help in your bowel movements. You can include brown rice, salads, and lentils in your meals. But go slow with broccoli and sprouts for the time being. Though they are rich in fiber, these vegetables can cause gas.

You are done with two months of your pregnancy and you have a few more weeks to finish your first trimester. It may have been an uncomfortable journey so far but nausea and morning sickness will begin to phase away by the 12th or 14th week of your pregnancy. So carry on with a healthy lifestyle and eat good food.


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