Create The Ultimate Winter Trip With Cold Canadian Vacations

Everyone loves going on a summer vacation and catching some sun. However, the summer doesn't have to be the only time you go away. Trave...

Everyone loves going on a summer vacation and catching some sun. However, the summer doesn't have to be the only time you go away. Traveling in winter can be just as fun, especially if you live somewhere that doesn't get snow. You can seek out a proper snow-filled winter, and Canada is the ideal place to do it. The northern nation has beautiful winters. It's a great place for skiing and other winter sports too. If you're thinking about a winter trip to Canada, you need to be prepared for the cold. Start crafting your perfect trip by completing the tasks below.

Winter Vacation Canada

Decide When and Where To Go

Canada is a large country, although you might not want to visit all of it. Still, picking the best destination isn't easy. You'll have to think about when you want to go and what you want to do. For example, you might be thinking about taking a ski trip. If you want to go skiing, you'll want to find the best snow and the best slopes. However, you might be considering a city break. In which case, perhaps you want to go somewhere with plenty of winter cultural events. You have lots of great places to choose. So you need to consider what different destinations offer.

A good place to start is with how active you want your vacation to be. Some people want to be on the move, especially because it's a good way to stay warm. But others would rather take a more leisurely pace and spend some of their time in front of a roaring fire. You might decide to hit the slopes or do something more unusual, such as dog-sledding. Canada's cities offer plenty to see and do. For example, you can ice-skate on a canal in Ottawa. If you want to enjoy some cultural events, check out the winter festivals available. For example, there's Snow West in Newfoundland.

Organize Your Travel

Once you have something of a plan, it's time to sort out your travel. Start with looking into what you need to visit the country. If you are a US citizen, you don't need a visa to enter Canada. Other nationalities don't need a visa but do need to apply for an ETA visa waiver. If you look at this website, you can see what that means and why you need one. It's a quick, cheap and painless process to apply. Citizens from some countries may need to apply for a visa to enter the country. Once you have either your eTA or visa sorted out, you know you'll be able to enter the country.

Getting the best deal on travel can be tricky. If you're flying into the country, it's always hard to decide when it's the best time to buy. Flights can be expensive if the date is too far away, then get cheaper. But they then become more expensive at the last minute. The best thing to do is play around with different dates to see what you can discover. Use different websites, including comparison sites and airline websites too. Travel insurance is another thing you should organize, especially for winter sports.

Canada Travel

Find Accommodation

Finding somewhere to stay on your trip to Canada isn't as simple as picking a hotel chain. While that might be fine for some, there are plenty of other options to consider. Before you choose your accommodation, look into what's available. Apart from standard hotels, there are more unusual and unique options you might like. For example, there are beautiful mountain lodges that make great places to stay when skiing. Or what about the Moose Hotel and Suites in Banff, where you will find hundreds of images of moose around the hotel? You could even rent an RV that is designed to weather the Canadian winter.

Pack For A Canadian Winter

It's essential to remember that the temperatures are going to be low. Depending on where you are, they could be far below freezing. Packing appropriately needs to be your top priority if you want to feel comfortable on your trip. Start with ensuring you have the right pair of shoes. Snowboots might not look amazing, but they will keep your toes warm. Even if you're planning to be in ski boots most of the time, you'll need warm shoes to get around. What you need to wear will depend on where you're going and what you're doing. If you're skiing, you're going to need different clothes than if you're walking around a city. But even if you're planning on being somewhere where the roads are cleared as soon as possible, you still need to wrap up warm. It's better to overpack than to have to go and buy more layers when you arrive.

Winter Clothes Packing

Enjoy Winter Activities

You're in Canada during the winter, so make sure you take advantage of all the things there are to do during the colder months. If you come back in the summer, everything is going to look different. Things like skiing, snowshoeing and dog-sledding might be the obvious winter activities. But there are lots of other things to do, from food and drink events to music festivals. You might be able to experience a one-off event that will never happen again. So make sure you check what's on once you've decided on a destination. Or you might do it the other way and choose where to go based on what you can do.

Enjoy Ways To Keep Warm

Even though there's plenty to do out in the cold, finding ways to keep warm is fun too. It's an excellent excuse to find a cozy restaurant. Eating comforting will help to keep the cold away, so trying poutine is a must. If you're in a city or perhaps a ski resort, make sure you seek out the best bars to spend your evenings. If you're lucky, some might have an open fire to warm you up.

Winter Clothing

Don't leave all your vacations for summer. A winter vacation in Canada could be just what you need.

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