10 Great Traits That Make A Guy The Perfect Boyfriend

There are many things which define a man and his traits are one of those things that can make or break his whole character. We all have our ...

There are many things which define a man and his traits are one of those things that can make or break his whole character. We all have our flaws and differences but there are some basic things that are important in every relationship. Since there are so many different traits in guys, here is a list of traits of a perfect boyfriend, to make your life much easier. Now we are not saying that if he doesn't possess all these traits he isn't perfect but it's just a way to let you know the important traits in an ideal boyfriend and you can decide what is important to you.

10 Great Traits That Make A Guy The Perfect Boyfriend

1. Honesty

Even if he tells you small white lies, it's a lie and it's wrong. One lie always leads to another, until one day you find out about the truth and then you can't trust him. Why put yourself through all that trouble? Ensure that your boyfriend understands the value of truth even if it's difficult in some situations. In order for you to trust him, he needs to earn it.

2. Intelligence

When we say intelligence it doesn't always mean how qualified he is or how academically inclined he is. What matters is that he should know about the world, the social issues and things like that. It's important that he can hold a conversation with you regarding practical issues and solutions rather than just daily life conversations.

3. Sense Of Humour

Now after all the conversations about the world, we do need someone who can make us laugh instantly. Now often if you ask a woman who has been in love with a man for many years, what made her fall in love with him, one of her answer will always be that "he is the only one that can make me laugh so much." It's such a simple yet powerful way to fall in love. When you are sad, he is the one who has to make you laugh. A man with a sense of humor is what you need in your life.

Sense Of Humour

4. Communication

Have you ever been with someone who doesn't want to talk about his feelings? Or discuss any disagreement in length? If yes, then you exactly know that this is the kind of man you should avoid. We can't stress enough on how important communication is in a relationship. If he wants to talk about your day, your life, your dreams and fears and in turn wants to share that information himself, that's the guy you hold onto. After an argument, he shouldn't just dismiss the topic, but actually, solve it with you so that it doesn't happen again.

5. Ambitious

Can you be with a man who doesn't have any goals or dreams in life? Though it may not be a big deal for a short term relationship, but for a long-term relationship, it's just demotivating. He needs to have the drive to achieve things, he needs to love what he is doing. Otherwise, he will just be gloomy and that will eventually affect you. He needs to work hard to actually achieve his goals. He should be able to inspire you, that's the guy who will be always supporting you when you take risks.

6. Romantic

Being romantic doesn't mean to be like those guys in movies or novels, it just means that once in a while he can also express his feelings or do something special just to see you smile. In short, it means that he is ready to do anything to make you feel happy. He will let you know how special you are in his life.

Romantic Boyfriend

7. Respects Your Individuality

When you go in a relationship, your lives merge with your partner. But you need to hold on to a small part of your life where you have the freedom to make your own choices and do your own things. A partner can't control each and every aspect of your life, that's not a healthy relationship. It will just feel like a cage after a point of time. It works both ways, you need to respect his individuality and in turn, he should also do the same. It's a crucial factor in a long term relationship as people often leave a relationship due to feelings of suffocation.

8. Caring and Thoughtful

When a guy cares for you, you would see that in little gestures that he would do. A simple good morning text or ordering your favorite food will mean that he cares for you. You would realize that he thinks about you and your preferences before making a decision so that you are happy. He will be concerned about you when you are sick and would actually take care of you.

9. Can Take Care Of Himself

You don't need a man-child in your life, you need a partner who can take care of himself. You don't have to take care of everything in his life, he has to be mature enough to do that himself. A little pampering here and there is common but if that turns into a habit, then you will have a man child in your hands before you know it. It will just put you in unnecessary stress. He should be able to handle his emotions, his life, and his health.


10. Values Family and Friends

He will be respectful to your family and friends, he will make efforts to impress you because he knows that will be the way to your heart. Even if a friend is rude to him, he won't start insulting them because he knows that will just put you in the middle of an unnecessary fight. He shouldn't bring up a situation where you have to choose between him and your family or friends.

If your boyfriend has only some of these traits, and he makes you happy, then continue the relationship. At the end, it's your choice regarding the man you want in your life. If he matches the criteria that are important to you, then hold on to him.

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