Hate Staying In Hotels? Check Out These Alternative Accommodation Ideas!

For many people, the thought of staying in a hotel is a negative one. The thing about hotels is you just don't know what you're gett...

For many people, the thought of staying in a hotel is a negative one. The thing about hotels is you just don't know what you're getting until you arrive. You can read all the online reviews your brain can handle.

But, your experience could differ substantially from those that have reviewed the hotel online. Especially if there's been a change of management in the meantime. Others may not like hotels because of privacy reasons.

Alternative Accomodation Ideas To Hotels

Let's face it; the walls aren't exactly soundproofed in a hotel! If you're a light sleeper, the thought of sleeping in a hotel room could be your worst nightmare! In today's blog post, I explore some of the alternatives to hotel accommodation you could try. They are options that might seem unusual to some people but trump the thought of staying in a hotel!


Yurt Accomodation

A yurt might be something you've seen if you traveled to places like Mongolia in the past. But, they are fast becoming mainstream in the Western world! In a nutshell, yurts are like giant tents.

The thing is, they are somewhat more visually appealing and luxurious than conventional tents. And, as with tents, they are portable too. Many places offer yurt accommodation; I recommend you try one out for size!


Farms Accomodation

Fancy staying somewhere for free in exchange for a little help? Believe it or not, many farms offer travelers a comfortable place to stay. In return, they just have to carry out some simple tasks.

It's a great idea for those that want to keep their accommodation costs low. Plus, it's brilliant if you want to stay in a family-oriented location. Farms are much more welcoming than hotels.

Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Recreational Vehicle

Imagine if you could have a form of accommodation on wheels? Or, more to the point, one that offers the conveniences of home? RVs are a fun way to get around the country. The vehicle you drive is also the place you stay at night!

Today's RVs are luxurious, spacious and have every modern convenience you could think of. Examples include air conditioning, full shower and toilet facilities, and a big comfortable bed!

The good news is that RVs don't cost a fortune to buy. Especially if you look out for special offers on RVs for sale. Consider renting one to find out if they're right for you or not before you buy. That way, you'll get some real-world experience of driving and living in one.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals

Last, but not least, you should consider staying in purpose-built vacation accommodation. To all intents and purposes, they are just like typical houses and apartments. They have everything you need for cooking, cleaning, and sleeping. And they're usually packed with a range of entertainment options such as cable TV.

Vacation rentals can often work out much cheaper than staying in a hotel room for a week or two. And if you happen to stay during an off-peak season, expect to get big discounts off your stay!

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