How To Feel Confident About Your Body

You can work on your body until it is toned, tanned, and firm. But if you don't truly believe that you look great , then it's just u...

You can work on your body until it is toned, tanned, and firm. But if you don't truly believe that you look great, then it's just useless. Research has clearly demonstrated that women who meet the apparently ideal slim body image are just as likely to be unhappy about their looks as women who do not, which shows that it isn't so much about what your body looks like but how you feel about it that counts. Every society has an ideal body image for women, and when most of them can't live up to that image they automatically start feeling negative about themselves. This resentment towards our own body can have a very serious impact on our physical and emotional well-being. There is a link between negative body image and eating disorders. Negative body image is also associated with a loss of sexual desire, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and irritability. The act of grooming helps you feel both more confident in your appearance and more attractive, says Jorien van Paasschen, PhD, of Bangor University in the UK.
So here are 10 ways to feel confident about your body. We really hope it helps you!

How To Feel Confident About Your Body

1. Identify Body Parts You Love

Pick a body part that you love such as your legs, or your shoulders. Reflect not only on the parts of your body that you like but on why you like those bits as well. This will help to challenge your thought processes on what makes someone beautiful or acceptable. It's always good to know your best features.

2. Identify The Body Parts You Want To Work On

So we know your best feature, but now we need to focus on the body part that is actually bringing your confidence down, such as your hair or your nose. Now you need to reflect on why it brings your confidence down. Now what you basically do is, just understand that it's you! It's your feature and that's what makes you. Every inch of your body is made to be loved by you. If you don't accept yourself then who will? Find your love for yourself within you. It takes time, the society will make you think you have flaws, but in reality, you are beautiful in your real natural way and that's what matters. But if this is difficult then don't worry as there are others ways to feel confident!

3. Two Minutes Confidence Booster

So this is if you are a shy person. You have to understand that there are times when everyone is nervous, even Beyoncé gets nervous before her performance, but does she look nervous? No! That's because we all have to fake it, we all have to fake that confidence for at least few minutes. When you do this for few minutes, your body automatically responds to your posture and your state of mind. Then you don't have to fake it anymore as you actually will feel confident! It's that first few minutes that will be difficult. You should keep your head high, walk straight like you own the place. Don't look at your phone or the floor! Just look at everyone casually and walk. Definitely, you will feel so confident with yourself!

4. Personal Style

This is actually very important. You can buy the most expensive and latest clothes but it won't matter if it doesn't actually suit you and in the end, you would just feel that you don't look good. The key is to invest your time in finding what kind of clothes actually suits you. A lot of factors are important while making this decision such as your body type, your height, your skin, your comfort. For example, if you like dresses but find it uncomfortable, then go for maxi dresses. You need to explore and understand what really flatters you and wear that. Do not buy anything that you have to think twice about in a shop, because if you love it then you love it but if you don't then you will just rationalize it with yourself. When you wear clothes that flatter your body type, you will look good and feel good about yourself instantly.

5. Find Inspiration

So, in this modern age, you can just google or go on Facebook and read the stories of people who love their body. If you are not happy with your body size or skin color just read stories of people who have embraced it instead of changing it and you will find ways that they dealt with it. You will discover elements that you can value. While exploring, you will find people that you can relate to, or look like you, and this way you will start to see what they do to be so confident. This way you will embrace and love yourself.

Find Your Inspiration

6. Life Goals

So, feeling confident about yourself doesn't just include focusing on your body. It also includes focusing on things that will make you happy. When you give yourself life goals, and work towards achieving them, you will have a purpose in your life. And when you have a purpose in your life, you will feel empowered which leads to confidence. You will see certain things in life with clarity and you will feel highly motivated in general.

7. Support

If you feel insecure about something, talk to your family, friends or your partner about it. They might have suffered the same thing and may have tips, and if not, they'll at least be able to support you. Some women feel insecure about their body and would just be tensed regarding their body, they don't feel beautiful or hot. You need to talk about what bothers you with your partner, talk about it after you have accepted it yourself, and if he/she doesn't then you know what you have to do. But if your partner loves you for who you are, then he/she will love every inch of you. The thing is, you need to talk about it.

8. Exercise

You need to have a good diet and exercise at least 4 times a week to be healthy. Research shows that people who regularly exercise generally have better body images than those who don't. Experts think this is partly down to being more 'in touch' with their bodies through being active – but exercise also ensures that you experience your body from the 'inside' rather than the 'outside', and helps you to appreciate its abilities.

9. Be Touched

Women receiving a massage reported feeling better about their bodies than women who did not, according to a study published in the journal Body Image. Simply being touched has been shown to release pleasurable body chemicals called endorphins, which could account for the body image benefits. Massages not only helps you in boosting your confidence but also stimulates your body and blood flow, therefore you are healthy and confident. Not everyone can afford to go for massages, so you can look at YouTube videos or read books on how to give massages and then try it with your partner, or family or a friend. Try it out, but don't go for extreme ones before you are sure of what you are doing.

10. Body Posture

Body posture affects how confident you feel about yourself. When you slouch, you can't help but feel low. But sitting up straight or going for a power pose is enough to boost your self-confidence instantly.
When you walk, keep your head a bit high but not too high, keep your back straight, and walk. If you don't know what to do with your hands, keep your phone or something in one and just walk. Walk like you have to be somewhere important, not too frantic but have a good pace.
Be more conscious of your posture when you wear heels, try to wear high heels for events when you don't have to walk a lot, especially if you feel unbalanced or experience discomfort after wearing them. Don't walk on only the balls of your feet, use the whole foot. This will boost your confidence as you don't have to constantly worry about your heels or clothes.

Body Posture

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