Delicious & Healthy Snacks From Skinnygirl For Busy Women

"This post was sponsored by Skinnygirl as part of an Influencer Activation. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.&...

"This post was sponsored by Skinnygirl as part of an Influencer Activation. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review."

Motherhood is indeed a blessing. Watching my little one grow in front of my eyes is sheer joy. Most of the times, I am super busy with my baby boy who is now 6.5 months old. With hardly any time left, I often eat food from fast food joints or look for any available snacks at home to curb my hunger in between meals. Yes! I have been eating unhealthy food for a while and piling on empty calories. Finally, I decided to keep a track of my fitness and Skinnygirl products are helping me do that. It allows me to enjoy healthy and indulging snacks without any guilt. Skinnygirl products are created with high standards for ingredient quality, nutritional content, and taste. Their main focus is on portion control, not diet. Let's take a look at some tasty and healthy products they offer.

Skinnygirl Products For Busy Women

First and foremost, let's talk about the love of any girl - candies! I am no exception to this. Skinnygirl Belgian Dark Chocolate Bars and Skinnygirl Belgian Milk Chocolate Truffles happen to be my recent favorites. They are all natural chocolate made with premium Belgian chocolate available in 100 calorie packs. They are yummy and you got to taste it to know it!

Skinnygirl Belgian Milk Chocolate Truffles

Though I am a coffee lover, I also favor drinking healthy teas. I found a great change from my routine green tea and that is Skinnygirl Sangria Hibiscus Herbal Tea. The tea is so full of flavor that it instantly freshens me up and lifts my mood.

Skinnygirl Sangria Hibiscus Herbal Tea

If you are looking for non-alcoholic beverages, Skinnygirl Sparklers are the right choice. Made with reverse osmosis 100% pure water, Skinnygirl Sparklers contain 5% real juice, honey, and cane sugar which combined, naturally contain 5 calories per serving. The best part is they are made with 100% natural colors and flavors. I love sipping them in this hot weather.

Skinnygirl Sparklers

Summer demands delicious beverages and when you can transform a glass of water into a delightful and refreshing experience, there is nothing like it. Skinnygirl White Cherry Water Enhancer does a great job in creating a drink in only 5 calories. This is a wonderful option to serve your guests when they come home this summer.

Skinnygirl Water Enhancer

Skinnygirl Sugar Free Mints have zero calories with only best natural ingredients and flavors. You will always find these in my handbag. I love them!

Skinnygirl Sugar Free Mints

Last but not the least, what makes Skinnygirl even more special is the founder - Bethenny Frankel who is an American reality television personality, talk show host, author, chef, and entrepreneur.

Hope you enjoyed a peek at some of the Skinnygirl products. Do check out more products at Skinnygirl Website. Happy snacking!


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