Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact Review

Hello, everyone! I am back with yet another review and this time it is Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact. I sa...

Hello, everyone! I am back with yet another review and this time it is Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact. I saw its advertisement on TV a while back and got so tempted to buy it. Alia Bhatt was looking super cute in the advertisement. The packaging of the product, i.e., white with sea green detailing was even more attractive. It stole my heart. Though I was waiting for my current compact to get over, I couldn't resist this one and had finally bought it. So let's see how well it has suited me.

About Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact:

Women feel their complexion looks and feels best in the morning right after applying the compact. However, as the day goes on, ordinary compacts may mix with sweat and oil. Making the complexion look dark,dull and patchy. And feel cakey and dirty.
Perlite, a pure mineral with skin perfecting powers. Visibly lightens complexion, while absorbing sweat and oil. UV filters protect skin from both sun darkening and damage. 12 hr fair, fresh and perfect. Fair, fresh and protected all day long- even in hot, humid weather.


Rs 150 for 8 gm

Shelf Life:

24 months

Ingredients List:

The ingredients list is not mentioned in the product. But it is clear that it contains pure perlite. I did some research and found out that perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content, typically formed by the hydration of obsidian. It occurs naturally.

Directions For Use:

Apply all over face and neck with the puff provided. Blend well around the eyes along the hairline and jawline for a naturally perfecting looking complexion.

My Experience With White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact:

The compact comes in a sturdy round white plastic case. It comes with an inbuilt mirror and a puff. The quality of the puff is great and it's very smooth and soft on the skin, not at all harsh. There is a transparent plastic sheet separating the puff from the powder compact so as to protect the puff from getting stained. The compact has a floral fragrance, which might not be suitable for the extra sensitive nose though the smell doesn't linger for long.

Maybelline has come up with 3 shades for this compact - pearl, shell, and coral. Pearl is the lightest shade for fair skin; shell is for medium skin and coral being the darkest of all for medium to dark skin. The sales person gave me the pearl shade and I was amused to see how perfectly it has blended with my skin. The texture of the compact is a fine powder, very smooth and easily blended into the skin. It gives a natural glow to face in just one application. It claims to keep dullness at bay and to try it I applied to one side of my face and was surprised with the results. My one side of the face where I had applied the compact was looking wide awake and energized instantly. It literally brightened my face and the other side was looking usual pale. It keeps the face fresh and lively no matter how dull you are feeling from within. It surely does what it says. It controls oil secretion and gives a matte finish to the face. My T-Zone is little oily and it does a great job in mattifying the area for at least 5-6 hours. But in sweltering heat like in Delhi, one needs to touch up every 3-4 hours if one is stepping out in the sun. So I would say the claim of 12HR protection is not true. However, it is true about other claims.

The compact has sheer to medium coverage which is good for everyday use. It doesn't cover the blemishes or dark spots which I didn't even expect from this, but yes, it does take care of small acne spots or light scars. The powder is buildable if applied with a brush but it will start to look ashy if applied at the same area more than twice with a puff. The best part about the product is that it has not given me any breakouts because I do have a sensitive skin. I am already in love with this compact.

Pros Of White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact:
  • Easily available.
  • Reasonably priced, 150 INR for a product which does everything literally.
  • Super smooth and soft.
  • Keeps oil at bay.
  • Stays put for 5-6 hours.
  • Instantly brightens the face and complexion transforms.
  • Sheer to medium coverage which I love for everyday use.
  • No breakouts, a boon for sensitive skin.
  • Natural look on face.

Cons Of White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact:
  • The compact has only 3 shades. So the dark skin girls will have a difficulty in finding a right shade for them because the coral shade is not a perfect natural match for dark skin.
  • 12HR whitening claim is not true.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I am in love with this product. I couldn't believe that a compact can create such a drastic change in appearance. It does all it claims. I would also recommend this compact to everybody if one can find a true natural match for themselves.


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  1. The whitening claim is so not done. But I do love the pricing for what it has to offer.

    1. Yeah. I was skeptical that it might make me look like a white ghost. But i am glad that it blends really nicely :)


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