Freedom MakeUp London Pro 12 Stunning Smokes Eyeshadow Palette Review

I always have a soft corner for neutral eye palettes and have been eyeing some for a long time. After the unavailability of the Sleek Au Nat...

I always have a soft corner for neutral eye palettes and have been eyeing some for a long time. After the unavailability of the Sleek Au Naturel Palette, which was my all-time favorite, I decided to buy the Stunning Smokes Eyeshadow Palette from Freedom Makeup. Their collections were very impressive and quite similar to the Makeup Revolution ones. This particular palette has a beautiful combination of colors which are eye catching if you want to create the neutral smoky looks. I have been trying and testing the colors with some iconic eye makeup looks and here's my detailed review on the same. 

About Freedom MakeUp London Pro 12 Stunning Smokes Eyeshadow Palette:

PRO 12 Palettes. Professional palettes for all. Containing 12 shades of our High Definition formula, to create impact and professional quality looks. Available in makeup artist assembled artistic themes and collections. 


£4.00/ 1200 INR for 12 g 

Shelf Life: 

12 months 

Ingredients List: 

Directions For Use: 

Use a flat eyeshadow brush and a fluffy brush to blend the color for an eye makeup look. 

My Experience With Freedom MakeUp London Pro 12 Stunning Smokes Eyeshadow Palette: 

The palette comes in a thin and lightweight rectangular packaging with 12 eyeshadows. The lid is transparent and enables you to see the colors but the lid is also flimsy and prone to scratches and breakage. I would never recommend traveling with it as if you careless drop it or apply too much pressure, I believe it will crack. Apart from this, it has a double tip sponge applicator inside which is quite a basic one and would only serve the purpose of patting the color on the lids. Overall, the packaging was average and requires improvement in certain areas. 

The texture and saturation of the colors are good although it varies a bit. If you try to touch the colors, you would feel how soft and smooth it is and there is no roughness in it, especially for the sensitive areas like eyes. The blending is very easy and it hardly clumps or sticks to the lids and gives a nice soft effect. There is an issue with the fallout with (more or less) every shade, so you have to powder under eyes a lot to prevent this. Although I am happy with the color payoff, a primer underneath is great for deepness as well as longevity. Don't expect insane pigmentation like Sleek palette but it is not disappointing as well. 

The description of colors are as follows: 

First Row (L to R): 

A matte off white color: This is best for highlighting the brow bone when you want a matte color. The off white looks great on warm skin rather than a stark white. The color payoff is good but slightly chalky, so a primer would really help or even a concealer underneath. Pigmentation is average. 
A milky peach brown color with a matte look: This is a great color for all over the lids and somehow gives a natural no-makeup look for the daytime. Though the chalky needs layering (about 2-3 layers), it is a great one to try out. 
A dark brown with no undertones what so ever: The pigmentation is amazing and I love using this color as the crease color for black smoky eyes. Sometimes I use this all over the lid and smudge a black kajal on top for the daytime look. The color has a slight tendency of fallout. 
A frosty light beige with shimmers: I love this as a highlighter for eyes as well as on the cheekbones. The color payoff is amazing and it is creamy smooth and I noticed very less fallout with it. 

Second Row (L to R): 

A deep rose gold with brown and a frosty layer with it: The shade is pretty and quite not a common one. It is great for bridal and other party occasions and looks very eloquent on the eyes. It has fallout issues and looks great when used with a damp flat brush. 
A deep plum/eggplant with copper shimmers: I fell in love with this color the day I swatched and I can literally dedicate a whole eye makeup look on it. The color is extremely pretty and totally an exclusive one. The pigmentation is good but it is best to use a primer to see the actual beauty of the color. A truly stunning one! 
A frosty taupe color with slightly pale golden touch to it: Although I am not a big fan of shimmery shades, this is one of the exceptional colors I love. It will be a great all-over-the-lid color for the daytime with winged liner and the pigmentation is impressive. 
A dusty light beige with mauve undertones: The color is slightly chalky but makes a great cream color when you are working with plum eye shadow. It works well with a primer underneath. 

Third Row (L to R):

A frosty copper/bronze color: It is a basic in every neutral palette. The color works great on top of deep and dark eye pencils like black, bronze and brown. The pigmentation is good and blends well on the eyes. 
A frosty champagne gold highlighter: Again, another favorite of mine and works great on eyes as well as face, especially when you are doing a gold kind of makeup. The pigmentation is great and shimmers are very refined and luminous. 
A frosty steel gray color with cooler undertones: The pigmentation is really good but the color didn't flatter me much as it screams for a pale skin. You can hardly use it for inner corners. 
Basic matte black: The pigmentation is decent but a primer really intensifies it. 

Overall, the palette looks really good and most of the colors can be used for an everyday purpose. The longevity of the colors is notable except for a few. It lasts for around 5 hours without primer and with primer, almost the whole day. However, if you are going to use this palette for a special occasion, make sure you use a primer as it will help to enhance the look. The price tag is good for the combination you get and given the fact that it is always available for discount, makes it a great buy. 

Pros Of Freedom MakeUp London Pro 12 Stunning Smokes Eyeshadow Palette:  
  • Simple packaging with an applicator. 
  • Smooth texture.
  • Good pigmentation. 
  • Blends seamlessly. 
  • The colors are mostly warm-toned and make a great neutral palette. 
  • Stays long on the eyes without creasing. 
  • The effective price tag and always on discount. 
Cons Of Freedom MakeUp London Pro 12 Stunning Smokes Eyeshadow Palette:  
  • You need a primer for an intense effect. 
  • Packaging could have been better. 

Diva Likes Rating: 


Final Note: 

Among the neutral palettes and colors I have used, I find this one really good and cost effective. I would highly recommend it if you want a good collection of warm colors within this price tag.


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