Bollywood Actresses Who Went From Fat To Fit

There was a time when the success rate of Bollywood celebrities was dependent solely on how well they act and justify their character. It wa...

There was a time when the success rate of Bollywood celebrities was dependent solely on how well they act and justify their character. It was also about what impact their movies had on the society. However, things have changed a lot these days. Now the success rate of celebrities is decided majorly by their waist size. Actresses like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have set new standards of fitness in the industry and have given major fitness goals to other Bollywood beauties. These days if you want to survive in the entertainment industry, you got to be fit. Fans also want their favorite stars to be fit, sexy and slim. Size zero is trending Bollywood this season and lots of our favorite Bollywood actresses are opting for weight loss. Let us take a look at some of the most sought after Bollywood actress's weight loss journey and how they managed to lose significant weight in short time. 

1. Sonakshi Sinha 

Ever since her debut she has been in controversy and her acting skills are always doubted due to her excessive weight but she has always shunned the haters. She lost almost 30 kilos for her first movie "Dabbang". She is always seen comfortable in her own skin and never worried much about her weight. But in past couple of years, we have seen major weight loss and she is now seen flaunting a well-toned body. Sonakshi is a big fan of gym and hits the gym twice a day. Her workout routine consists of cardio, cycling, weight training and swimming. 

2. Parineeti Chopra 

The fun loving and bindaas actress of Bollywood - Parineeti Chopra has made a recent comeback in the industry and has lost a tremendous amount of weight. Although Parineeti was doing good with her acting skills and has done some good projects in the past her career was taking a dig due to her overweight. That's when she decided to take a break for one year and started vigorous weight loss plan. She went from size 38 to 30 and despite being a foodie she learned to control her hunger and the results are visible in front of us. Being the cousin of Bollywood's fittest actress Priyanka Chopra doubled the pressure and according to her, she is now fittest she has ever been in her life. Although she didn't reveal much about her weight loss secrets, she admitted that improving her metabolism and regulating eating habits did help her a lot. Hats off to Parineeti for such a major transformation. Boy! She does look hot now. 

3. Alia Bhatt 

Ever since her debut in the movie "Student Of The Year" Alia Bhatt has been regarded as the new face of Bollywood next generation. She is known for her bold and sassy roles but things were not same before her entry into Bollywood. She used to weigh more than 60 kgs at the age of 17. When Karan Johar signed her for "Student Of The Year", she went on a weight loss plan and lost 16 kgs in 3 months. She is not a big fan of the gym and recommends diet check for weight loss. Drinking lots of water and staying clear from junk food is her weight loss mantra. She hits gym 3-4 days a week and prefers cardio and yoga.

4. Sonam Kapoor 

Being crowned as the "fashionista of Bollywood", Sonam Kapoor has always charmed everyone with her dressing style and makeup. It's hard to believe that this hardcore fashionista was fat once. The actress admits that she doesn't have a bikini body and still gets conscious about it. She used to weigh 86 kilos before she as offered "Saawariya" and lost 35 kilos for the film. Sonam Kapoor relies on power yoga and kathak dancing for weight loss. She recommends eating every 2 hours in small portions to lose weight. 

5. Zareen Khan 

Still struggling to get established in Bollywood, actress Zareen Khan has been an inspiration for all the ladies who are struggling to lose weight. Due to binge eating habits, she used to be of 100 kilos in her teens but now has managed to reduce her weight to 57 kilos.She used high protein diet as a major tool to help her shed extra weight and followed a rigorous exercise routine. 

6. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 

World's most beautiful women Aishwarya Rai has always been in the best shape her entire life. But things got changed post-pregnancy and she took some time to shed off that excess baby fat. The time was not right for her and it got a lot of media and fans criticism. But she shut everyone's mouth by getting into shape soon and now she is back flaunting her curves and sexy body again. Aishwarya manages to lose weight with the help of yoga. She believes a healthy diet and good yoga routine can get you in shape very soon. 

7. Kareena Kapoor 

She created such a buzz in the industry with her iconic size zero figure, which she flaunted in the movie "Tashan". But some prefer Kareena Kapoor's chubby look more than her size zero avatar. The excessive weight loss also raised the speculations of anorexia but she dismissed all of them. Though she now does not support size zero, she still manages to look fit. Kareena Kapoor is a big fan of power yoga and follows a strict diet plan to remain fit. 

Which actress has impressed you the most with her transformation? Do share your views in the comments below. 

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