BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray Review

BBlunt has introduced some good hair products for shine, frizz, volume, etc. I have already reviewed a shine spray from them which fared pre...

BBlunt has introduced some good hair products for shine, frizz, volume, etc. I have already reviewed a shine spray from them which fared pretty decently and this Volumizing Leave-In Spray which I bought months ago fares well too. I have a weakness towards voluminous hair which looks quite good and this is the only reason I bought it. Curls and volume go hand in hand and with my wavy-curly hair, I wanted to see how well I can style it. The product also claims to be a heat protectant so it can be used for more than one purpose. To know about the spray in detail and my review on it, scroll down.

About BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray:

If big hair is your thing, may we introduce you to your new best friend. This volumizing spray gives you incredible fullness and bounce that lasts. Go big with confidence. Specially created for Indian hair. Protects from the environment and heat styling damage.


550 INR for 150 ml / 225 INR for 50 ml

Shelf Life:

24 months

Ingredients List:

Hydrolyzed Wheat protein, Meadowfoam seed extract & Provitamin B5

Directions For Use:

Flip hair upside down and spray evenly on damp hair, focusing on the roots. Dry naturally or blow dry for full-blown volume.

My Experience With BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray:

The product comes in a funky yellow spray sort of bottle. The bottle is quite slender and stylish in appearance. However, the little cap at the mouth of the nozzle is slightly flimsy and keeps flipping out for no reason. Therefore, the product is not very travel-friendly. However, the spray nozzle works pretty well and dispenses the right amount of the product to the hair and roots. The liquid is transparent and has a medium fragrance to it. Unless you hate artificial fragrance, it is quite good in my opinion. It also stays for a day or two on the hair giving a refreshed whiff to my tresses.

I generally apply this on my slightly damp (not wet) hair. I spray a generous amount on the roots by dividing the hair into numerous sections. I simply massage to spread it all over the scalp. Next, I spray on the mid-lengths and crunch the hair a bit to have the voluminous curly effect. After that, I simply blow dry the hair to add the bounce to my tresses. What I have noticed is that the portion of hair, where I have applied the spray feels soft and manageable. It also adds volume to the hair as well but not the 'red-carpet' volume.
I have also used this on hair without the dryer as well. It adds slightly less volume but can be noticed. Therefore, in my opinion, the spray works decently but if you have a high expectation like me, you will be disappointed. It also claims to be heat protectant and fares well in that department as well. It makes the hair soft and manageable reducing the frizz. It is easier to style the hair for an everyday look when it has soft, bouncy and voluminous curls.

The staying power of the volume is around 2 days but I have seen that if you are going out in the summer, the sweat and dirt really takes a toll and thus, the volume lasts only for one day. The price point is decent giving that it is available in two different sizes (50ml/150ml). Therefore, you can surely try out before splurging. Overall, I have a mixed bag sort of feeling with this product.

Pros Of BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray:
  • Funky packaging.
  • Transparent liquid.
  • Adds a refreshing smell.
  • Adds volume.
  • Can be used as heat protectant spray.
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • Stays for a day or two.

Cons Of BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray:
  • Flimsy packaging.
  • Volume isn't very impressive.
  • Needs a blow dryer every time.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

If you have flat and limp hair and you wish to add some decent volume to it, I would say the spray is good. But if you are expecting super voluminous hair, you won't get that with this product.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Use of blow dryer is such a disadvantage. I wouldn't go for it.

    1. Yes, that's why I don't like this one very much as well...

  2. I use this now and then. I gives a decent amount of lift to my thin limp hair.


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