VLCC Skin Defense Rose Face Scrub Review

Hello, everyone! Hope the chilly winter is treating you well. I have been totally lazy past one week, relaxing at home and trying the huge h...

Hello, everyone! Hope the chilly winter is treating you well. I have been totally lazy past one week, relaxing at home and trying the huge haul I received from Diva Likes. The majority of the products are for the winter season and hence I am loving the overall experience of it. Today I am going to review VLCC Skin Defense Rose Face Scrub, one of the many items of the haul. Scrubbing has its own importance in winter when the skin tends to dry every time I step out. I maintain the scrubbing routine twice a week and have been using this mild face scrub from VLCC. Let's see how the product fared with me.

About VLCC Skin Defense Rose Face Scrub:

Rose, a flower known for its beauty also has legendary beautifying properties. Its extract can help reduce fine lines, smooth wrinkles, reduce inflammation, clear pores, hydrate skin, plus it has calming aroma. VLCC's Rose Face Scrub infused with the goodness of rose and aloe vera has been specially designed with deep cleansing and purifying properties that offer soft, smooth and fresh skin. The scrub also has micro granules and finely crushed Walnut Shell Powder that help to remove dead skin cells, superficial black/white heads and give it a satin like finish.


155 INR for 80 g

Shelf Life:

2 years

Ingredients List:

Aqua, Sodium laureth sulphate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Glycerine, Aloe indica (Aloe) extract, Potassium hydroxide, Silicon blend, Polyethylene beads, Rosa damascena (Rose) distillate, Juglans regia (Walnut) shell powder, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Allantoin, Honey, Saccharide isomerate, Cellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Methylisothiazolinone, Disodium EDTA, Perfume.

Directions For Use:

Take appropriate amount and apply it all over the face in light circular motion. Avoid application near the eyes. Wash off with water.

My Experience With VLCC Skin Defense Rose Face Scrub:

The product comes in a white and transparent plush tube with a white flip open cap. The cap is tight and quite sturdy for travel purposes. Also, it is lightweight and mess free completely. The scrub is gel based. The consistency is that of a translucent gel with little reddish particles for exfoliation. The particles are more like beads that melt into the skin while massaging for a long time and are extremely mild. The smell, which is rose scented draws me closer. The smell, unfortunately, doesn't last but it is undoubtedly blissful.

The scrub is extremely mild and good for sensitive and very oily skin who do not like scrubbing. The gel-like formula is quite easy to spread on the face and requires a big dollop size amount for the face. It foams mildly and the scrubbing particles feel very mild and almost insignificant. It hardly scrubbed anything. You can also use it regularly and it won't do any harm. I didn't notice any smoothness on the skin which I often see after using any walnut or coarser scrub in general. There was only a faint glow which disappears after 2-3 hours of usage. It has no effect on blackheads or whiteheads whatsoever. Although the scrub has infused qualities of rose like helping to reduce fine lines, smooth wrinkles, reduce inflammation, clear pores, hydrate the skin and calming effects, the scrub does nothing but a mere gentle wash.
The product provides enough moisturization to my skin in winter and it doesn't feel stretchy and dry after usage. The hydration may be not enough for dry skin in winter but surely works in general. There haven't been any breakouts I noticed especially when my skin is sensitive to acne. VLCC Rose Face Scrub has SLS, silicon and paraben in the ingredients and hence sensitive skin people must be careful before using it.

Pros Of VLCC Skin Defense Rose Face Scrub:
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Gel-like texture with red small beads.
  • Heavenly smell of rose.
  • Suits majority skin types.
  • Provides moisturization.
  • Doesn't break out the skin.

Cons Of VLCC Skin Defense Rose Face Scrub:
  • Doesn't exfoliate (which is the primary job of a scrub).
  • It has SLS, silicon and paraben.
  • No effect on the skin whatsoever.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

This is something you can skip because the product doesn't perform at all. There are better scrubs in the market lesser than the price of this scrub.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. I can imagine the lovely smell it has...but no use if it doesn't work well.

  2. Its more like a facewash rather than a scrub I guess..

  3. Doesn't exfoliate :D... seems to have it's base requirement itself.

  4. VLCC never worked for me ande after reading your review, it is best I stay away from this one :)


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