Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal Review

There isn't a single eye makeup I can do without kajal. It is literally my lifeline. Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal offers a lead-free and her...

There isn't a single eye makeup I can do without kajal. It is literally my lifeline. Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal offers a lead-free and herbal combination which is intriguing. Eyes are extremely sensitive and therefore, lesser the chemicals we use better it is for us. Although my eyes are not very sensitive, there are women who avoid eye makeup altogether due to this reason. I received Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal in my last haul along with two more kajal's. I have been wearing this for a week now and here's my detailed review of the product.

About Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal:

Long Lasting BLUE HEAVEN HERBAL KAJAL is soft for easy application, cools the eyes and does not smudge. Defines your eyes for a dramatic magnified looks. Contains honey, almond oil & desi ghee.
Kajal with approved colors and vegetable oils. Specially enriched with the goodness of Almond oil and camphor. Lead free formulation that nurture and protect your eyes in the highly polluted environment.


65 INR for 3 g

Shelf Life:

3 years

Ingredients List:

Castor oil, vegetable colors, paraffin wax, carnauba, bees wax, microcrystalline wax, camphor, clarified butter, honey, almond oil, vitamin e acetate, propyl paraben and bht.

Directions For Use:

Apply along the lash line or upper and lower lid.

My Experience With Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal:

Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal comes in a cardboard packaging and a plastic twist up form. The shape of the kajal is conical which, according to me, is extremely inconvenient. I am not a big fan of conical ones because as the time passes by, the shape becomes blunt and you cannot use it anymore for precise function. The twist up function works properly and is easy enough to travel with.

The shade is black and the intensity is further increased when you swipe several times. I absolutely love the texture is has. It is creamy yet it dries semi-matte without parching or being flaky. It has a nice smell of camphor and you would feel a mild sensation post application. The creaminess stays for 5-10 minutes and then settles down well. The kajal is so smooth that it won't tug or pull the lash line and applies evenly.
However, the formula is not at all impressive. The kajal starts fading from the lash line after 1-2 hours even if I set it with powder. It kind of seeps into the fine lines I have under the eyes. Within no time, it spreads to the whole under-eye area making it look dark and ugly. It is also not waterproof at all. If you accidently splash water, it is sure to spread all over the place. I really had a hard time wearing this kajal.

The kajal gets so messy with time that even if I wear it on the lid, it stays for 3-4 hours and again starts messing all over the lid. The staying power, overall is around 2 hours which is pretty bad and serves no purpose of a kajal. Another thing I noticed in the ingredients is the presence of parabens. If the kajal claim is herbal, I don't know why they included parabens in it.

Pros Of Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal:
  • Jet black and intense color.
  • Glides smoothly.
  • Settles down as semi-matte.
  • Gives a cooling sensation.
  • Smells like camphor.

Cons Of Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal:
  • Conical packaging serves no purpose.
  • Not smudge proof.
  • Messes up with water.
  • Has parabens.

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Final Note:

The kajal has given me pretty bad time and it is definitely not something anyone would want. I would surely recommend to skip it.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Thanks for your review of the Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal, and especially for posting the ingredients. At least as bad as parabens is the ingredient BHT.


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