Blue Heaven 12x1 Fashion Eye Shadow Review

Eyeshadows are equivalent to kohl for me. Even when I am running late, I make sure to apply a slight wash of color on the lids. There are fe...

Eyeshadows are equivalent to kohl for me. Even when I am running late, I make sure to apply a slight wash of color on the lids. There are few specific colors like brown, nude and black which I prefer and keep using them often. But I have a huge soft corner for eye shadow palette. The thought of several colors packed together brings me immense joy. This time in my haul, I received the Blue Heaven 12x1 Fashion Eye Shadow. So far the Blue Heaven products which I have tried, turned out really good and I am expecting so much from this as well. Read on to know more in detail.

About Blue Heaven 12x1 Fashion Eye Shadow:

Eye shapes that helps you in switching up your daily routine. Try the bright, rainbow eye look with BLUE HEAVEN 12x1 FASHION BLUSH ON & EYE GLITTERS. 12 vibrant colors. Waterproof. High intensity creamy formula, specially blended colors with specialized glitters for velvety feel packed with specially designed applicator. Smudge free, long wear eyeliner with glittering pigments to give an expression of your choice. Vibrant and Creamy. Color stay Formula. Doesn't Fade Away.


120 INR

Shelf Life:

3 years

Ingredients List:

Directions For Use:

Use a fluffy brush to apply the color on the lid.

My Experience With Blue Heaven 12x1 Fashion Eye Shadow:

Packaging: The eye shadow has a very light weight packaging and is not sturdy at all. It comes in a rectangular box with transparent lids. The plastic on top is very fragile and won't survive falls. I wouldn't say it is travel-friendly because of the delicate nature. It has no inbuilt mirror which every eyeshadow palette should have. There is a little double tip foam applicator is attached but it is so hard that neither can you apply eyeshadow nor can you blend. Overall, the packaging disappointed me big time.

Shades & Pigmentation:

1. A matte warm yellow with very fine shimmer. It is chalky but gives nice color with 1-2 swipes. It vanishes with through blending.
2. A cool-toned baby pink with chunky glitters. It has very average pigmentation and needs several layers to build the color.
3. A grayish blue with chunky glitters. Nice color payoff.
4. Red color with chunky shimmers. Poor pigmentation.
5. A purple with pink undertones and has shimmers. Average color payoff and very chalky.
6. A brick red with shimmers, good pigmentation with 2 swipes.
7. A bright bottle green with minimal shimmer and very good pigmentation with a single swipe.
8. A cool toned light gray with shimmers. The color is chalky and very poor pigmentation.
9. A cool toned sky blue with shimmers. Poor pigmentation and chalky.
10. A very light baby pink and has chunky shimmers. Poor pigmentation and doesn't come up very well.
11. A frosty orange toned bronze with a metallic finish. It has good pigmentation with one swipe.
12. A chalky white with shimmers. Average pigmentation with 2 swipes.

Texture: The texture, when I first touch the eyeshadow, is very rough and coarse. Only number 11 and 12 have a bit creamy texture. Otherwise, all are rough to touch. The shimmers are totally uncalled for and create a lot of mess while application. The colors are not very blendable. Even when I do, it tends to lose its intensity and only shimmers are left behind. When used wet to bring out the color, it gets patchy completely.
Formula: The formula is dry and really tough for dry eyelids like mine. It takes a lot of time to blend but is not satisfactory at all. It is neither waterproof nor smudge proof and gets messed up very easily.
Staying Power: Even on my dry lids, it stays for 1-2 hour with primer and fades off. The fading is extremely patchy. I have never used it without primer as it doesn't show up at all. Overall, it is a totally disappointing product.

Pros Of Blue Heaven 12x1 Fashion Eye Shadow:
  • Some colors have good pigmentation.
  • Budget friendly.

Cons Of Blue Heaven 12x1 Fashion Eye Shadow:
  • Flimsy packaging.
  • Hard applicator.
  • Majority of the colors have poor to no pigmentation.
  • Very hard texture.
  • Doesn't blend smoothly.
  • Staying power is low.

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Final Note:

It is a substandard eyeshadow palette and I would have preferred a single color with proper quality at this price. I definitely do not recommend this for anyone.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. The palette is so colourful. Wish it fared better.

  2. The shades look pretty but the quality fails:(

  3. Shades looked so pretty and vibrant in pallet...hoped it gave petter pigmentation...what a disappointment..


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