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Barbie Strawberry set, which I have received in my Diva Likes Haul, has a lip balm and nail polish combo and it is totally cute. The brand m...

Barbie Strawberry set, which I have received in my Diva Likes Haul, has a lip balm and nail polish combo and it is totally cute. The brand makes such cute and nice items that you have to try it at least once. I have already reviewed the lip balm which works very well and now it's time for the nail polish. Pink is such a color that no girl can ever deny the charm of it. Be it the pink dress, lipstick, nail polish or anything – it is always close to my heart. Read on to know more about the nail lacquer in detail.

About Barbie Nail Polish:


59 INR for 5 ml

Shelf Life:

24 months

Directions For Use:

Apply two coats and let it dry.

My Experience With Barbie Nail Polish:

The product comes in a cute, thick and transparent glass bottle with a white screw cap that has the applicator attached. The glass is quite sturdy and easy to use. It is light weight, slightly slim and hence fits in anywhere you want. Overall, it is travel-friendly. The applicator brush is slightly dense than what I have used before and picks up the right amount of nail lacquer. The bristles are soft and cause no bubbles or streaks while application. It spreads the color nicely and is great to work on both long and short nails.

The color is the prettiest one out there. It is a warm yellow-toned pink with golden micro shimmers. The shimmers give a metallic glow to the color and in a certain light, it also looks like a pink-gold duo chrome. The color is not loud at all and will brighten up any skin tone. It is also a beautiful color to sport with floral dresses. The texture is thick yet spreads very well. It doesn't feel sticky or unappealing and you won't have to be very careful. The only thing is that it has a strong smell but it diffuses with time. The shimmers, instead of being gaudy, give a beautiful touch to the color.

The pigmentation is great. A single coat gives a semi-opaque layer while I used two nice coats to have the glossy opaque duo chrome look. It works great without any base as well. It also dries fast and hence there is very less chance that you will mess. The staying power of the color is 3-4 days without any top coat. I find the staying power good for the price. It is also easy to remove with any nail paint remover and the shimmer doesn't spread all over the hand.

Pros Of Barbie Nail Polish:
  • Nice, sturdy and travel-friendly packaging.
  • Good applicator brush.
  • A pretty warm yellow toned pink which golden micro shimmers.
  • It gives a duo chrome effect in certain light.
  • Nice thick texture that spreads well.
  • Pigmentation is great with just 2 swipes.
  • Staying power is 3-4 days.
  • Removal is easy and fuss free.

Cons Of Barbie Nail Polish:
  • None.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I loved this color to the core and the combo is a great one for everyone. This is a must have and I highly recommend it.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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