7 Signs That Your Baby Is Hungry

As a new mother, there are several things you learn simply by relying on your instincts. No matter how many books on motherhood you read, or...

As a new mother, there are several things you learn simply by relying on your instincts. No matter how many books on motherhood you read, or how many articles you browse on Google, nothing can ever prepare you for the actual experience of motherhood until you hold you newborn in your arms. Mothers know the feelings and needs of their babies instinctively. However, sometimes a new mom may face confusion regarding her baby's nourishment. Sometimes mothers may end up over feeding a baby because she thinks every time her baby cries, it is because of hunger. Sometimes mothers may be unsure about whether her newborn is hungry or something else is wrong. To ease your troubles here is a list of signs to tell if your baby is hungry.

1. Sucking Or Licking The Lips Constantly

This is the first cue that a baby gives you to signal hunger. When the little bellies begin to feel the need for food, babies start licking their lips. If you see your little bundle licking their lips, maybe it's time to feed.

2. Sucking Fingers & Other Objects

This is a cue that can confuse caregivers. But if you notice your little one grabbing things and trying to suck as if it were a nipple, it is definitely feeding time for your bonnie baby.

3. Trying To Root For Your Chest

Babies are intelligent little beings who know the person who is the source of their nourishment. So if you are carrying your baby and they begins to cling to your chest finding the food source, it's surely time for a feed.

4. Making An "O" With Mouth & Closing It

This action of opening and closing its baby mouth is a signal mother should be on the lookout for. When babies within 3 to 6 months of age do this, it can be an early hunger cue.

5. Trying To Suck On Chubby Toes

In addition to sucking their fingers, babies also try to suck their toes when they are hungry. Sometimes they do it just out of curiosity because till 6 months of age babies don't understand that hands and legs are all part of their body. But if your baby constantly sucks on their toes with little cries in between, it is food time for your little one.

6. Rooting Reflex

If you observe these signs and still feel unsure about your baby's hunger cue, try to put your finger on one side of their cheek as if you make a light dimple. If your baby immediately begins to root for the finger as if it were a nipple, this is a sure indication of hunger. It is a reflex which allows babies to latch on to their mother's breast for feeding.

7. Crying & Restless Behavior

These two actions coupled with hitting the arms and chest of the person holding the baby is indicative of either of the two things: either they are sleepy or hungry. First try to check if they accept a feed. If they refuse, then it is a cue for sleep.

So now that you know a few simple cues to tell if your little baby is hungry or not, stop worrying and follow the cue. Generally healthy babies will not fuss when it's their food time. The food troubles arise when they grow up a little. So till then breastfeed your babies whenever they are hungry, and watch out Diva Likes for more articles on fussy eaters.

Happy parenting!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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