7 Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Geek is the new sexy. 2015 have seen a number of celebrities, from Bollywood to Hollywood, sporting the sexy geek look for events and red ca...

Geek is the new sexy. 2015 have seen a number of celebrities, from Bollywood to Hollywood, sporting the sexy geek look for events and red carpets. So whoever thought glasses will make you look nerdy, you are absolutely wrong. It has, in fact, become a style statement. All you need to follow are some basics tips and tricks that will bring the attention to your eyes and enhance the look more vividly. Glasses actually magnify the power of makeup and, therefore, all you have to do is avoid mistakes and confidently wear the look. So, follow the tips jotted below to make your eyes stand out even when you are wearing the glasses.

1. A Little Less Mascara

Mascara and eyelashes are something that should be dealt properly. Girls who wear glasses should always curl the eyelashes to prevent them from hitting the lenses of your glasses. While buying mascara, buy a volumizing one instead of length boosting. Apply the mascara near the roots of your eyelashes which will enhance the look voluminously and won't clash with the glasses as well. It will also open up the eyes better than lengthening mascaras.

2. Proper Concealing & Highlighting

You may think that your eyes are hidden behind the glasses and no one will be bothered to take a look at our dark circles but it is not. Use a very good color corrector if you suffer from dark circles. Even if you don't, I would suggest to use it because the glasses create a shadow and make the dark circles look worse. Use a nice highlighting concealer on top, better if you use a shade lighter than your skin and blend it well. Set all of it with a nice loose translucent powder to make it crease free. This would make the eyes look brighter and better with glasses on.

3. Play With Eyeliner Colors

Whoever said that you have to stick to black, was wrong! Use blue or green cat eye liner but do not overpower the color of the frame. There is a famous tip of Bobbi Brown makeup tutorial which states that if you want to match the eyelids with the frame, try for a base hue lighter. Go bold on the crease by applying a darker color and then nicely smudge it out. You can also use various bold eyeliner tricks.

4. Compliment With The Frame

There a formula to it – thicker the frame, bolder the liner should be. Do not be afraid of going for a thicker curve or audacious cat eyes because it will give a nice balance to the frame as well as the eye makeup.

5. Bold Lips

This is the best thing about glasses. In general, we always keep the lips neutral when we go bold and smoky with eye makeup. However, when you are wearing glasses, choose any hot pink, red or any other bold lip color and it will still look hot. If you are a girl who is afraid to pull off nice bold lips, put a geek frame and go bold with lips.

6. Groom The Brows

We might think they are hidden behind the frames but grooming the eyebrows is very important. Not only shaping but also fill them with a brown or gray color and set with a gel. Unruly and uneven brows can make your appearance gaudy, untidy and will definitely not bring out the look.

7. Flushed Cheeks

While going for the geek look or when wearing glasses, keep the cheeks subtle. If you are wearing bold lips, high chances are that most of the attention will either be on the eyes or lips. Now, too much attention will destroy the look and therefore, when are you wearing glasses always keep the blush simple, sober and neutral.

Follow these simple makeup tips and look stunning when wearing glasses.

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