7 Ways To Wear Your Hair While You Sleep

Nothing can make the day better when you wake up with gorgeous mane in the morning. When we sleep, our hair is in constant friction with the...

Nothing can make the day better when you wake up with gorgeous mane in the morning. When we sleep, our hair is in constant friction with the pillow which can be a lot detrimental to the health of the hair. So always make sure to sleep on a pillow cover made of pure silk which would save you from the friction and make the hair soft when you wake up. Medium to long hair faces a lot of problem in tying up the hair and everyone wants to wake up with smooth flowy tresses instead of ruffled frizzy hair in the morning. So here are few secrets on how to wear your hair while sleep to wake up with smooth tresses in the morning. All you have to do is make a little effort before bedtime.

1. Tight Braid For Beach Waves

If you want to wake up to nice frizz free beach waves in the morning, apply a leave-in serum of the hair or any spray for wavy hair. Spread the product nicely on the tresses and let it get settled. Now from the upper part of the head, braid your hair tightly till the end and secure the tip with a soft ribbon or band. Avoid rubber bands as they tug and pull your hair a lot. The serum will overnight condition your hair and the tight braid will ensure a nice wavy texture for the hair. When you wake up and open the hair, you would notice how soft the heatless curls look on you.

2. Loose Fishtail Braid For Light Waves

Fishtail braids are awesome when kept overnight as they result in light waves on the hair which gives a flattering touch to medium to long hair. All you have to do is apply argan oil or hydrating serum to the length of your hair without making it too oily. Now comb the hair properly and make sure there are no tangles at all. From the back of the hair start the fishtail but do not make it too tight. After the braid is done, simply spray a voluminous spray for curls and wake up to damage free heatless curls.

3. Tight Bun For Long Hair

Long hair struggles a lot while sleeping as the hair is prone to tangles and frizz when you wake up. To tackle this problem, all you have to follow a simple trick which is an age old method which our grandmother and mothers are praising for a long time - the bun. Bend down and opposite comb your hair, i.e., from nape to the crown area to secure the hair on top of the head. Now simply make a bun and secure it with a sock, thick cotton band, scarf or bun cover. This will ensure that the hair won't be let loose while sleeping and also protects the mane from constant friction with the pillow.

4. Spiral Bun For Big Wavy Curls

Spiral buns are slightly different from normal ones as they result in gorgeous wavy hair in the morning and also protect the hair from damage. Divide the hair into four parts if you have thick long hair. Take one section at a time, keep twisting the half damp hair using your finger and then roll it up like a bun. Secure the end with a flat hair clip near the roots. Cover the hair with scarf or shower cap and hit the bed. In this way, you would wake up to big wavy curls in the morning.

5. Doughnut Sock Bun

The sock bun is quite a common method for medium to long hair. Prepare your hair by detangling it completely with the help of a tangle free serum or conditioner. Pull up the hair and make a high ponytail with the help of a cotton band on top of the head. Now gather the hair inside the sock and once it is done, pull it as close to the ends as you can. Next, roll the sock carefully down your pony, continuing to spread and tuck hair around the doughnut as you go. Once you have reached the base, secure it with a clip or cloth band. Tada! Your Doughnut Sock bun is ready for the night.

6. Turban With Silk Scarf To Prevent The Frizz

This is an effective method to eliminate frizz from the hair when you wake up. In fact, it works for every light of hair – from a short bob to long hair. All you have to invest in a big silk cloth to wrap the hair. Make a pony if your hair is lengthy enough or simply let it be if you have short hair. Start wrapping the silk cloth like a turban all around your head from the nape area. Secure the scarf with a small tick-tock clip to keep it in place. You would wake up to gorgeous tresses without blow drying.

7. Crown Ponytail For Medium Hair

If your hair isn't long enough for a bun or wrapping, simply flip your head and detangle your hair completely. Apply a serum or voluminous spray to the crown area. Comb the hair and bring it to the top of the head. Simply tie the hair with a cotton band or thin scarf tightly to prevent the hair from friction constantly. This would ensure that your hair is in place and also tied up properly.

These are the methods to wear your hair while sleeping. Do let us you how you wear your hair at night in the comments below.

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Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. My preferred style is the bun..sleeping on a satin pillow also reduces friction..

  2. Even I prefer the bun style...no mess at all.

  3. Great post! I mostly end up sleeping with open hair! Need to take some inspiration :)


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