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Karva Chauth is an Indian festival in which a married woman fast for her husband's well-being and longevity. It is just not a celebratio...

Karva Chauth is an Indian festival in which a married woman fast for her husband's well-being and longevity. It is just not a celebration of the unbreakable marital bond between two people but also a celebration of womanhood. The gaiety around Karva Chauth is such that it outshines the tiresomeness caused by the absence of food. Each and every woman desires to be dressed up as stunning as they can. There are various customs involved in this day that includes an array of delicious food, the sargi from mother-in-law, various gifts and the whole mood of festivity make the day an occasion to remember and cherish for the whole year. No doubt every woman wants to look their best even though they fast from dawn to dusk. There are quite a few ways to get stunning complexion on this auspicious day without getting tired. Read on to know more about how to look gorgeous on your Karva Chauth.

1. Healthy Diet & Drinks Pre-Karva Chauth

Though it is a one-day festival, the day takes a heavy toll on the health due to the fasting. Therefore, try to eat a good healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables for at least a week before this occasion. Add various detox water in your diet to flush out the toxins from the body. This not only preserves your health but also adds a natural glow to the skin. Avoid all kinds of junk food and aerated drinks to keep yourself healthy.

2. Consider Yoga

Sometimes heavy exercising before Karva Chauth causes fatigue and dehydrates the skin, thereby making you look tired and dull. Instead of hitting the gym, try the basic yoga postures and breathing exercises in the leisure of your home. Yoga typically isn't aerobic and doesn't cause weakness. This will give you some stamina while fasting as well as a healthy skin which is free of blemishes. As yoga also aids in digestion, it is advisable as the fasting is followed by consuming various rich dishes.

3. Choose Your Couture & Carefully Accessorize It

Women generally wear traditional outfits for this occasion and, therefore, choose the color of your outfit as per your choice. Traditional ethnic outfits look the best in the hues of reds, maroon, pink, green or blue with golden or silver fine work on them. After the outfit, next comes the accessories as traditional wear is totally dull without them. If you are going for chunky earrings, go subtle on the neck or vice versa as it will prevent you from looking overboard. Do not forget to add bangles which are a must have for this occasion.

4. Herbal Skin Brightening Masks

Homemade remedies for skin brightening includes lemon which acts as an herbal bleach, tomato to remove tan and turmeric to add a glow to the skin. This will enhance your skin on this big day and you won't have to use heavy makeup for your skin. Herbal remedies are the best and their effect on the skin is remarkable.

5. Hairstyle

Every Indian woman is blessed with long cascading hair. Always use a conditioner and leave in serum after hair wash to have the manageable and frizz free hair. If you have long hair, go for stylish braids like a broad fishtail, regular French braid from the top section of the hair to add volume, side braid, waterfall braid layer, etc. With medium hair, you can also try various bun hairstyles which look awesome with traditional outfits. You can also try the puff in the front portion of the crown area, create a messy bun and decorate it with subtle hair accessories. Do not forget to set the hairstyle with a spray which will keep the styling intact throughout the whole day.

6. Hands & Feet

In the whole chaos of choosing outfits and makeup, we often forget to take care of our hands and feet which are extremely important. Women apply mehendi on her hands and sometimes on the feet for this occasion. So make sure that the skin on hands and feet is not dry otherwise it will end up looking ugly. Moisturize your hands and feet properly by massaging with olive or almond oil. Follow it by a good rinse and apply hand cream and a foot cream to get rid of cracked heels. For a quick rescue of cracked heels, apply a thick foot butter or petroleum jelly on the previous night and wear your socks. You will wake up with soft and supple feet. Also, make sure your nails are manicured properly. Always choose a red, maroon or golden nail lacquer or nail art for this special occasion.

7. Eye Makeup

When you fast for the whole day, naturally you will get tired and the eyes often look droopy and cause dark circles. In that case, apply ice packs to the eyes prior to the application of eye makeup, which will not only reduce the puffiness but also brighten the eye area. Apply a brightening concealer around the eyes to lighten the skin. Choose colors like olive green, golden, bronze or copper, for eye makeup which looks great with traditional wear. Blend them flawlessly and highlight the brow bone. Do not forget to apply the kohl, thick line or simply smudge it on the lower and upper lash line as the look will be incomplete without it. Apply mascara to make you lashes stand out and add a definition to the eye makeup.

8. Face Makeup

Karva Chauth is a day-long celebration and therefore always apply a primer as a base to make your makeup long lasting and to control the oil secretion easily. While choosing foundation avoid wearing heavy makeup and opt for light to medium coverage foundation which blends smoothly and is light weight. Use a good concealer to hide the blemishes and you wouldn't need a heavy coverage of a foundation. Apply a blush only after you are finished with eye and lip makeup to know the coverage you require. Apply a subtle highlighter on the top of the cheekbones to brighten the skin. Add a bindi to your forehead to complete the traditional look.

9. Lip Makeup

Nothing beats a red lip color with a traditional outfit. Apply a layer of lip butter or petroleum jelly overnight and scrub your lips in the morning to get rid of dry flakes and pigmentation. Firstly, choose a red lip color that matches your skin tone. For example, if you have cool undertones go for neutral bright red or tomato red and if you have olive skin tone go for orange based red which will brighten up the skin and opt for a deeper red for dark complexions. Always line your lips with a similar shade of lip pencil and then apply the lip color. Blot and apply the color again to make it long lasting.

10. Avoid Pre-Karva Chauth Experiments

In order to look pretty on this big day, we often make the mistake of trying out various new products and treatments for the skin. Sometimes it gives us good results and sometimes it may break out or causes certain effects. It is better to be careful than sorry as you might not end up having bad skin for that day. Always stick to the products that suit your skin best and it will give you the desired results.

Let us know how you would celebrate this Karva Chauth. Share with us the details in the comments below.

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