7 Benefits Of Oiling Your Hair Regularly

In India, hair oiling has been a beauty ritual from time immemorial and we all have seen our mother and grandmother vouch for this beauty tr...

In India, hair oiling has been a beauty ritual from time immemorial and we all have seen our mother and grandmother vouch for this beauty treatment as the secret of healthy and beautiful hair. It doesn't matter what kind of scalp you have, nothing can beat a good hot oil massage. By hot oil, I meant a lukewarm temperature that can be measured by dipping your fingertips. Extreme heat will cause more harm than heal your roots. Throughout the week, our hair is exposed to dirt, dust, grease and various chemicals due to pollution, coloring and hair sprays. This in turn causes long term damage when it is not taken care of. Oiling your hair once a week will heal the tresses from the week long distress we cause in the name of hair styling. Hence, we have listed various benefits of oiling hair regularly which will definitely persuade you to incorporate it into your beauty regime.

1. Prevents Gray Hair

Premature graying of hair is something we dread and is caused by the lack of vitamins and proteins in the food we eat. Sometimes, we notice that our hair looks lifeless and reddish brown due to the roughness. Melanin is a skin pigment that decides the color of your hair. With the high amount of melanin present, it gives the scalp the desired dark color. It is the deficiency of Vitamin B12 that results in graying. Regular oiling provides you with the required nutrients and prevents graying or fading of the natural hair color.

2. Prevents Drying & Frizziness

No matter how much you spend on high-end serums, conditioners or hair sprays – nothing can outweigh the benefit of an overnight oiling of hair. Dry hair absolutely adores this habit and responds beautifully when allowed a deep conditioning after a hot oil massage. Oiling twice a week before washing your hair will prevent the hair from drying from the root to tips and controls the frizziness to a large extent. Also, oil serves as a coolant and prevents your hair from harsh heating conditions.

3. Promotes Hair Growth

We love trying out various hairstyles. After every drastic haircut, we yearn for long hair and leave no stone unturned to grow them once again. Regular oiling keeps the hair healthy and promotes hair growth as well. When we massage the hair, it stimulates the blood circulation on the scalp which in turn nourishes the roots and promotes hair growth. Massaging aids in the opening of pores and better absorption of oil.

4. Prevents Dandruff & Hair Fall

One of the main causes of dandruff is the dryness of the scalp and hair and exposure to harmful chemicals. When hair is weakened from the roots due to lack of nutrients and hydration, it will automatically cause hair fall and hair thinning. This problem can be easily dealt with oil massaging which not only nourishes the roots but also cures most of the hair problems. Wrap up a towel drenched in hot water and keep it on the scalp for 10-15 minutes. This will warm up the scalp causing the pores to open for the absorption of oil. Follow this with the rinsing of the hair with shampoo.

5. Deep Conditioning & Smoothness

Deep conditioning is required at least once a week to replenish the hair with all the necessary requirements for a healthy growth. Mix castor or olive oil with a carrier oil like coconut or almond and heat it up slightly. Slowly massage the oil onto the scalp and follow this with a steam therapy. Though there are various masks and remedies available in the market, oiling is the best and cheapest method we can opt. Oiling also makes the hair smooth, lustrous and prepares the tresses for any kind of hairstyling.

6. Repairs The Hair Follicles & Prevents Split Ends

Hair is a protein strand that has its roots beneath the epidermal cells. With regular usage of styling gels, curlers, straightening plates and hair dryer, the follicles of the hair get damaged. This can only be repaired or replenished by massaging the hair with oils like almond, castor or olive. It also prevents splits ends by nourishing the hair up to the tips and gives you frizz-free mane.

7. Relaxation & Encourages Sleep

This is an age old therapy being passed down upon generations. Various essential oils with herbal elements are blended together to form an incredible concoction oil to ease the stress and anxiety at the end of the day. In fact, various spa and relaxation centers use different oils for tension relieving. Not only that, oiling also helps you to get over the problem of insomnia and eases the mind from various problems.

These are some of the benefits of oiling your hair regularly. Follow them and experience the bliss!

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