7 Tips On How To Control Oil Secretion Of T-Zone Naturally

The oily T-Zone is a common problem for at least 80% of women which includes some women with dry skin as well. The T-Zone area is the forehe...

The oily T-Zone is a common problem for at least 80% of women which includes some women with dry skin as well. The T-Zone area is the forehead, the nose area and sometimes the area above upper lips. These areas have maximum sebaceous glands present and hence the oil secretion is in excess. Sebaceous glands are influenced by hormones, eating disorders, extreme environmental conditions, dust, pollution etc. Although it is completely a normal problem, it can be dealt naturally with few tips and tricks. The women with oily skin face this problem on a regular basis and it looks extremely awkward to have the shiny T-Zone. It is quite a natural to have an oily skin, but there are various natural ways to combat the issue. They definitely won't vanish miraculously but will surely be in control for a handsome amount of time. So let us examine the various methods by which we can control the oil secretion of T-Zone.

1. Fuller's Earth & Lemon Face Pack

Fuller's Earth is a wonderful product for oily skin. It has the ability to absorb the excess oil from the skin and also imparts a natural healthy glow to your skin. You have to make a paste of fuller's earth with lemon juice. Lemon, once again, has vitamin C which not only acts as a natural base but also helps to control the oil secretion of the skin. Apply the paste either every day or alternative days on the T-Zone area and let it dry naturally. Once it is dry, rinse off with cold water thoroughly. You would notice that the oil secretion in the T-Zone is decreased to a large extent.

2. Aloe Vera & Cucumber Juice

Aloe vera and cucumber are a great option to deal with the oil control of T-Zone. Aloe vera is known for nourishing the skin tissue and helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin. Make a mix of aloe vera and cucumber juice and apply it with the help of a cotton ball on the T-Zone. Let it get dry and after that wash off with cold water. You would notice that the oil is absolutely gone whereas your skin looks naturally hydrated and not dry or parched.

3. Cleansing With Oil-Free Face Wash

Face wash is an important step to keep the oil secretion at bay. In fact, it is the quickest and easiest step that you can consider as a solution for shiny T-Zone. Choose a foaming face wash for extremely oily skin. If you feel it is too strong to be used for you skin (in case you have normal skin and oily T-Zone problem), you can use the foaming cleansing liquid only for the T-Zone area to combat the problem of shiny skin.

4. Treatment Of Pores

Pores play an important role in the oil secretion. Always try to keep the pores clean and closed. In order to clean the pores regularly and to prevent the settling of bacteria (which in turn causes severe acne problems), choose the steam method (expose your T-Zone to hot steam from clean boiling water) where the pores get opened and then use a facial foam to wash the face. Use an effective toner or slather ice cubes (for 10-15 minutes) to close the pores. You can also apply a paste of sandalwood and let it dry on the skin and wash off with cold water for cleaned pores. Do this at least thrice a week to witness the visible results.

5. Scrubbing & Moisturization

Exfoliation is an important step for the treatment of oily skin, but it is quite a tricky one as well. Always opt for mild scrubs but not harsh ones. Harsh scrubs will do more damage to the T-Zone as it makes the skin rough and damages the protective layer. Moisturization is another step that you should pick. Yes, even oily skin requires moisturization. This is because the strong face washes are internally washing off the natural oil for your skin and the glands will produce even more oil to compensate that. In this way, your skin will be oilier than before if you don't hydrate properly. Therefore, choose a lightweight moisturizer or aloe vera gel to hydrate the skin.

6. Blotting Paper

This is the easiest, timesaving and quick solution to the problem of oily T-Zone and shiny skin. Always carry blotting paper or dry issues to pat on the skin and absorb the excess oil from the skin. Make sure you do not drag the paper on the skin but merely pat it to soak the oil. Then you can do the small concealer or powder touch up to beautify the skin.

7. Oil Absorbing Compact Or Loose Powder

There are a plethora of brands in the market which has oil absorbing compact or loose powder to combat with the oily T-Zone. All you have to do is choose a brand that fits your price range and other requirements. While choosing the product, always keep your skin tone in mind so that when you go for frequent touch-ups, you won't look ghastly but natural.

These are the methods by which you can easily control the oil secretion from the T-Zone and avoid looking parched and dry as well.

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