7 Ways To Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is always called the good news because it brings with it the joy of a new life. As a woman, it is an adventure to nurture a life i...

Pregnancy is always called the good news because it brings with it the joy of a new life. As a woman, it is an adventure to nurture a life inside you and bring your tiny bundle of love into this world. But as a woman goes through the nine months of pregnancy, the body experiences monumental changes. The changes are necessary to prepare the mother's body to nourish the fetus growing inside and to make it ready to endure the birth process. These changes are always not pleasant and may cause severe discomfort to the pregnant body. Back pain is a common problem and almost 80% women suffer from this, especially during the third trimester, when the baby begins to gain considerable weight in the womb. But nature and science give us ample solutions to reduce the pain or at least make it bearable. Here is a list of things you can do you to ease back pain during pregnancy!

1. Yoga Can Work Wonders

As the baby's weight begins to increase, you may suffer severe back pain and physical discomfort. Embrace prenatal yoga to find effective relief from body pain and backache. Prenatal yoga will not only reduce back pain but also take care of the muscles and joint and help the body get prepared for the birthing process. It will give you a good sleep and the much-needed relaxation that is a must during your pregnancy.

2. Massage Eases Back Pain

Professional massage therapy is very useful to ease back pain during pregnancy, although the relief is only temporary. If you experience severe back pain, a warm oil massage can provide you with relief instantly. Make sure that you get a gentle massage that is appropriate for pregnancy. Deep or intense massage in the lower back of your spine can lead to contractions; avoid it always.

3. Right Posture

It is interesting to know that the center of gravity of your body shifts forward with the growing baby inside you. In order to compensate for the shift, you tend to lean back more than usual; this prevents you from falling over. However, it also strains your back muscles causing pain in that area. So it is important to maintain the right posture if you want to reduce your back pain. When standing, try to remain straight and tall and keep your chest high, instead of leaning. Try not to lock your knees and don't slouch. Instead keep them back and relaxed. Don't stand for too long, Take breaks and sit or use a stool or a support when standing for longer periods.

4. Good Shoes For Support

Your back can be highly strained if you wear high heels during pregnancy. If you are extremely fashion conscious and cannot think about walking into a party without your stilettoes, you may have to deal with a notorious backache. Wearing high heels during pregnancy drives the weight you are carrying into the lower spine and hips joints. This can cause immense discomfort and pain. So it's a good idea to let go of your high-heels during pregnancy and invest in comfortable and stable flat shoes or even platform heels to avoid any physical pain.

5. Maternity Gear For Comfort

Investing in a good maternity belt can help you ease back pain, especially if you are a working woman spending a considerable amount of time outside the comfort of your home. A maternity belt is an undergarment that will support and hold up your belly so that your pelvic girdle is not strained too much. A maternity belt is not the solution to back pain, but when coupled with other techniques, it complements the process of reducing a severe backache.

6. Keep Fit & Exercise

It is common belief that when you are pregnant you need so much rest that you have to forgo all forms of exercise. The rest bit is true but the exercise part is not! Regular walking and light free hand exercises will not only keep your body fit but will also help you ease pain and lethargy. Heavy or intense exercises should be avoided during this period as you may end up over-straining your muscles. Swimming is a wonderful way to keep the physical pain at bay during pregnancy. Being inside water, you do not feel the increased weight of your body and at the same time you can get a good amount of exercise.

7. Chiropractic Therapy For Pain

An experienced chiropractor can combine different chiropractic techniques to reduce back pain or any other discomfort during pregnancy. You can find relief from nerve compression, tightening of muscles and joint misalignment. Joint manipulation techniques coupled with prescribed pregnancy exercises help you a great deal in keeping bodily discomforts and back pain at a distance.

Adequate rest balanced with good amount of exercise can make you feel better during your pregnant days. Try to be surrounded by positive vibes and practice meditation to keep your mind relaxed and happy. A peaceful mind and a fit body will help you sail through your pregnancy days, all the while preparing you for an awesome motherhood!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. This is one problem which we hear from most pregnant women. Super useful read.

    1. I went for regular swimming during my pregnancy...And it worked great for my body!


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