7 Simple Tips To Help Your Child Make & Keep Friends

During a distressful time in life, we seek friends to be by our side. During a celebration, we feel delighted sharing the festivities with o...

During a distressful time in life, we seek friends to be by our side. During a celebration, we feel delighted sharing the festivities with our dear friends. As social beings, we all need friends for sharing our lives and memories with. If you want to help your child grow up as a social person, it is important to help the child make friends and sustain the friendship. In today's generation, there is too much competition from the very early stages of life. This competitive nature makes children selfish and prevents them from having healthy friendships. If you think your child is becoming a loner and is incapable of making friends, don't force the child to be social. Instead, try out these simple tips to encourage your child to make and keep friends.

1. Help Your Child To Become Social

As your little one is growing up, he or she is in a constant process of learning. A child observes parents interaction with others and tries to follow that behavior. So if you want your kids to display social and friendly behavior, teach them by example. When you smile at other people at the park and make new friends, your child is bound to follow suit.

2. The Importance Of Sharing

A sharing child is always great at attracting friends. It is in the nature of toddlers to be selfish about their possessions. If your child does not want to share his or her toys or play things with other children, it is nothing to worry about as it is natural. But as parents, you should slowly inculcate the value of sharing in your child. Always make sure to share thing at home while eating. Again, children learn a lot by emulating parents. If you are a giving person, your child will also learn to give and share. Tell them stories about the goodness of sharing from an Aesop's fables or the Grimm brothers.

3. Interact With Your Child's New Peer Group

Kids are often shy in the new company. As a mother, try to ease the tension by starting a conversation with the new company that your child is introduced to. When the kid finds the mother interacting, he or she will feel more confident to progress with conversations with the peer group.

4. The Power Of Storytelling & Imagination

You will always find that kids who are good at stories often find it easy to make and keep friends. Tell good interesting stories to your kids that they can narrate back in their school or day care. It is easier for a child to speak to new friends and sustain the relationship when they have more to imagine and talk about.

5. Teach Your Child The Art Of Empathy

Feeling others troubles, helping others when in need and being understanding towards friends are some qualities that will take your child a long way in making and keeping good friends. Children are generally sensitive in nature. When they see you cry or feel distressed they can sense it and you will notice a sudden tenderness in the little souls. You need to nurture this quality and display this quality of empathy in your actions as well. When a child watches the mother caring for others, he or she will also learn to care and empathize.

6. Understand Your Child's Interests

Like-minded people bond better. So if your child likes painting, enrolling him or her in a painting class with same age kids will open up an avenue for the child to meet other kids who share the same interests. This in turn will help your child to bond well and it may be the beginning of a lasting friendship.

7. Do Not Interfere In Your Child's Fights With Friends

This is a common thing where parents go wrong; very wrong. In order to protect their children, parents often end up interfering in a fight between two friends. This does not allow your child to equip themselves with problem-solving skills or interpersonal relationships. Such children become dependent on parents to sort out a personal issue for them. As an attentive parent, be aware of what is happening, but don't interfere in their friends battles. They are children and they will surely sort it out!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. We all learn the sharing from childhood. Love the articles Kriti :)

    1. Thank you Salomi...Friendship is such an important thing in our lives...I don't know what would I do without my friends!

  2. This is super important as friends once made stay for lifetime!


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