7 Signs You May Be Pregnant

Most often, couples who are ready to embrace a new member in their family have to try for a few months to conceive. Some couples become para...

Most often, couples who are ready to embrace a new member in their family have to try for a few months to conceive. Some couples become paranoid when the woman does not get pregnant during the first month of trying. The good news is that according to statistics, almost 80% of women conceive after 3 to 6 months of trying. So if you have not conceived within the first month, it is absolutely fine. As long as your periods are regular and you and your spouse do not have any serious health issues, keep trying till you finally become pregnant. Sometimes, women do not realize that they are pregnant until they have skipped 2 or 3 menstrual cycles. But it is not difficult to identify the early signs of pregnancy. Nature has created our bodies in such a way that when a new life has found its way into your womb, the body will show you signs that it's time to take care of the little baby growing inside. Here are some signs of pregnancy that one can experience during the early stage.

1. Sensation In Your Breasts

All of a sudden you will experience sore breasts that hurt. There will be a tingling sensation that you have not felt before. Don't panic when you see your areolar area darkening. The separation and pigmentation are the results of surging hormones that tell you that you are pregnant. Pregnancy hormones are secreted in your system to prepare the mother's body to nurse her newborn soon.

2. Very Little Period Or Spotting

When you get spotting instead of proper period flow, you may assume that it is probably due to the weather or diet. But wait! Spotting is a sign that you are pregnant. This is known as implantation bleeding, where the human embryo makes a home in the uterine wall and causes some light bleeding in the form of spotting. It is not common to every new mom, so relax if it hasn't happened to you. In case it has, go for a pregnancy test.

3. Increase In The Urge To Urinate

The HCG hormone is the culprit here. When the embryo is implanted, the human chorionic gonadotropic hormone begins to be secreted which is critical to sustaining the life of the embryo. When you realize that you are excusing yourself too often for a loo break, maybe it's a sign of the good news you have been waiting for.

4. Irritation & Nausea

Nausea, also known as morning sickness is a very common sign of pregnancy. One night you sleep well, only to wake up feeling nauseous and irritable. It's like you have a vomiting tendency all the time with a nagging headache that refuses to go away. When you start feeling this kind of sickness, it is most probably time to celebrate. You may be pregnant. Consult a doctor, or take a pregnancy test to find out.

5. Extreme Sensitivity To Smell

One day you may love the smell of deep fried chicken and suddenly one day you feel like throwing up at its slightest whiff. Most women in their first trimester experience an increased sense of smell. Regular smells like soap, incense sticks, deodorants, spices, oil, and so on may make you very uncomfortable. If you have any such experience, maybe you are on your way to motherhood.

6. Feeling Of Weakness & Dizziness

As your body prepares to become home to the new human life and nurture it for the next nine months, you begin to feel tired and dizzy. It is nature's way of telling your body to take more rest and eat healthy food. Many women often faint due to a sudden drop in blood pressure. Again, this is a sign that you are now going to need more energy and more rest in order to nurture your baby in your womb.

7. Bloating & Puffiness

Do you feel like you have suddenly gained weight without rhyme or reason? Does your face look puffy like you've had gallons of food in a day? Well, it's not a matter of concern. In fact, it is positive news if you have been actively trying to get pregnant. The release of the pregnancy hormones progesterone is the trouble maker here. It tends to slow down your metabolism thereby making you appear bloated. Check with your gynecologist. Maybe it's time to go maternity shopping!

Not all women have all the symptoms mentioned here. In fact, sometimes women have no signs at all till the end of their first trimester. So it is a good idea to keep a tab on your menstrual cycle and whenever you miss it, head to the doctor or take a home pregnancy test to be sure.
Happy motherhood!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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