Parachute Advanced Summer Refresh Body Lotion Spray Review

Hope summer is treating you well. In this scorching weather, we require a good lotion for our body to keep it healthy and glowing. I am so g...

Hope summer is treating you well. In this scorching weather, we require a good lotion for our body to keep it healthy and glowing. I am so glad to receive a new body lotion spray from Diva Likes to try out. There are very few options for summer lotion in India and when you get sunscreen along with it, it is a fabulous package. The main idea is to have something that is absorbed into the skin in no time leaving behind a trail of freshness for the skin. So, here's the review of an innovative body lotion spray for the summer!

About Parachute Advanced Summer Refresh Body Lotion Spray:

Parachute Claims: Freshness anytime, anywhere. New Summer Refresh Body Lotion Spray, with Cool Mint Extracts and Coconut Milk that instantly refreshes and cools down your skin. The USPs of this product, as mentioned on the label are:
Instant Freshness
Non-Sticky and Light
Soft and Smooth Skin
Double Sunscreen (UVA & UVB)
Quick Absorbing
100% Natural Moisturizers


120 INR for 100ml

Shelf Life:

24 months

Ingredients List:

Directions For Use:

Follow the steps to apply the product:
For first usage press 8-10 times to get good spray quantity.
Hold 2-3 inches away from skin and spray over arm, legs, and other body parts
Softly rub over the application area.

My Experience With Parachute Advanced Summer Refresh Body Lotion Spray:

The body lotion spray comes in a cylindrical sturdy spray bottle with a spray pump, which is further covered by a transparent plastic cap. The packaging is undoubtedly travel-friendly and gives a summer feel overall. The pump works just fine and it is easy to control the flow of lotion as well. The lotion is white in color and is totally liquid with a very thin consistency, almost like water. However, contrary to what is claimed by the product, I didn't experience any kind of cool feeling after application. Speaking of the aroma, it has refreshing coconut and mint smell that lingers for quite some time. The odor is neither strong nor faint, but just has the right whiff of a body lotion.

Owing to its consistency, the lotion gets absorbed in the skin in no time, leaving the skin soft and smooth. This is the reason it does not cause much sweating at all. Since it is a summer lotion, the moisturization level is slightly low and hence if you are looking for hydrating factor for extreme dry skin, you will be disappointed. For normal skin tones, this one has the perfect moisturization layer. The lotion keeps the skin hydrated for around 4-5 hours and fades off with the mild scent of mint.

The product claims to have sunscreen to protect it from harmful rays but sadly they didn't mention the power. It is disappointing as low SPF is never going to help the harsh sun rays of Indian summer. The body lotion is loaded with various chemicals as well as parabens. The price is pretty reasonable as a unique spray for summers with sunscreen.

Pros Of Parachute Advanced Summer Refresh Body Lotion Spray:
  • Travel-friendly packaging with a spray pump system.
  • Refreshing aroma.
  • Non-sticky, light weight and gets absorbed easily.
  • Has sunscreen.
  • Light moisturization.
  • Reasonable pricing.

Cons Of Parachute Advanced Summer Refresh Body Lotion Spray:
  • Contains parabens.
  • The power of SPF isn't mentioned.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I am slightly doubtful about the SPF part but other than that, the product is a wonder for summer use. Indian market has very few spray lotions for summer, so for now all I can think of as a refreshing lotion is this product.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Love body sprays anytime of the year and this summer one looks fab!

  2. I loved the concept of this lotion..need to get it this summer:)


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