General Safety Rules You Should Teach Your Children

Children are the most innocent beings in this world. They are easily enchanted by a smile or a colorfully wrapped candy. However, in a world...

Children are the most innocent beings in this world. They are easily enchanted by a smile or a colorfully wrapped candy. However, in a world that's full of mishaps and crimes, it is always best to teach your child some general safety rules at a very early stage of kindergarten, so that your kid is safe and away from any sort of harm. When your little baby begins to grow up and socialize, you cannot always keep an eye on him or her. Therefore, it is of absolute importance to make your child aware of some very critical safety rules to ensure their well-being.

1. Never Follow A Stranger

This is the most important rule your child should learn as he or she begins to go out without your supervision, either to playschool, park, neighbor's house or any such place. Implant this rule in their minds "If you do not know the person, don't talk or go away with them. Always stay close to people you know, like your friends and their parents, or your teacher."

2. Don't Eat Anything Offered By A Stranger

Restrictive as this may seem, it is better to be safe than sorry. Teach this to your child, "Unless mommy tells you to eat, don't eat anything given to you by anyone. If you are hungry, tell mom about it, or tell your teacher. But don't eat anything offered by anyone."

3. Make Them Memorize Home Phone Number & Address

This is another important rule to teach your child. As soon as your child learns the numbers, make him memorize your phone number. Also, make him aware of your home address. In a situation where the child may be lost, an emergency phone number can be very helpful. Better still if your child can remember the house address and lead the police to it.

4. Stay Where You Are If You Get Lost

Sometimes parents are so engrossed shopping in a mall or market that they leave the child's hand and the child goes wandering off. Teach your child to remain where he or she is, in case mommy leaves the hand, or if the child suddenly cannot spot the parents. This will help the parent to find the child quickly as they can retrace their steps and go back to the place where they had left the child.

5. Good & Bad Touch

With the increasing child sexual abuse, it is critical to teach your kid the difference between good and bad touch. Only the child's mother can touch the child to wash his or her private parts. Make the kid aware of the specific body parts that should never be touched by anyone. If the child feels uncomfortable with anyone touching, he or she should tell "No. Don't touch me" loudly and tell the parents about it.

6. Help Your Child Open Up To You

Always make sure that your child is not hiding facts from you. Children often do this because they are scared of the consequences of telling the ugly truth. Always make your child feel secure enough with you so that they can share absolutely anything with you. Never lash back with anger, in case they have done something wrong. Be understanding and explain with care, what is right and what is wrong. If your child finds a confidante in you, he or she will not shy away from sharing anything from you.

7. Do Not Discuss Monetary Matters In Front Of Your Child

Children do not understand the difference between confidential matters and conversation topics. They will blurt out anything and everything that they hear at home. Talking about wealth and money or recent purchases may end up in the child telling someone about it who will try to take advantage of the information in a wrong way.

8. Never Leave School Till The Parents Arrive

Sometimes there is a sudden holiday declaration at school and students are left early. For older students, it is fine. But for the younger ones it can be very risky to loiter around in the streets. In case of any such notification, tell your school to call up the parents so that you can take the child home. Teach your child to remain in the company of friends and teachers within the school premises till either of the parents turn up.

These are some very important rules a child should know and follow strictly. You can also teach other safety aspects to your child based on your location and living arrangements. But always remember that your child is your responsibility and you have to be very alert as a parent for the safety of your little one! And I am sure all of you are doing a pretty good job there.
Happy parenting!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. Well written Kriti. All the points you mentioned are super important to be taught to kids!

  2. Thank you Lavanya. I think a lot of worries can be mitigated by teaching our children basic safety rules.

  3. Very imp. post for parents. :)


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