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Hair problems seem to be never ending to me. With every season comes a new hair problem to combat. We have dryness and dandruff for the wint...

Hair problems seem to be never ending to me. With every season comes a new hair problem to combat. We have dryness and dandruff for the winter, greasiness and grime for the summers and hair fall issues in humid and rainy days. Therefore, to maintain proper healthy hair, we are always striving to get proper hair care products. Coconut, almond and castor oils are known as the wonder oils for hair and prolong use of such elixirs will give you beautiful healthy tresses. It is like an added bonus when the goodness of almond oil is mixed with other oils which are lighter in consistency. Such is the Clinic Plus Vita Oil which was sent to me by Diva Likes almost a month back. So, do you want to know my opinion on the product? Let's go straight to the review.

About Clinic Plus Vita Oil:

Clinic Plus Vita Oil helps in nourishing hair, thereby strengthening and making it more resilient to damage, from root to tip. Clinic Plus Vita Oil infused with Almond extracts helps in deep nourishment of the hair making it look and feel healthy.
A lighter oil, Clinic Plus Vita Oil penetrates the hair three layers deep, providing nourishment and strength. Clinic Plus Vita Oil also contains ten times more* amount of Vitamin E which makes the hair look more healthy and beautiful.
*Based on lab test vs coconut oil.


40 INR for 75 ml

Shelf Life:

18 months

Ingredients List:

Directions For Use:

Divide the hair into sections and apply the oil. Massage thoroughly followed by deep conditioning treatment.

My Experience With Clinic Plus Vita Oil:

The hair oil comes in a semi-cylindrical plastic bottle with brown flip open cap. The bottle is transparent which enables you to see the golden-amber shiny oil easily. The packaging is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. There is absolutely no leakage or spillage that I ever experienced. The oil is transparent and very light in texture with a thin consistency. Surprisingly, it has an aroma of (Clinic Plus) shampoo in the oil instead of almonds. Hence, I guess they have added perfume to the oil. The smell won't hurt the nose and is very soothing.

The oil takes no time to get absorbed in the scalp without any hint of greasiness or oiliness. The best part of the oil is that it doesn't weigh down the hair at all. The oil is easy to wash as well because of its thin texture and doesn't require much effort when you are in a hurry. I mainly use it for overnight conditioning and after shampoo the hair looks as it is. Neither had I noticed any softness and nourishment nor any kind of improvement in the hair fall. The oil has 92% mineral oil which is not ideal for scalp treatment and, therefore, sooner or later the trouble with the scalp will start creeping in.

Although they advertised it as almond oil, there is hardly any goodness of almond in it. The hair oil when used as a conditioning oil post washing the hair scores decently. It makes the hair shiny, frizz-free and smooth for at least 2-3 days. Overall, the oil is nothing to be raved about. It is a simple hair oil, having a thin texture that comes along with a reasonable price tag.

Pros Of Clinic Plus Vita Oil:
  • Travel-friendly and light-weight packaging.
  • Thin consistency and light weight.
  • Sweet smell.
  • Doesn't weigh down the hair.
  • Best used as leave-in serum oil.

Cons Of Clinic Plus Vita Oil:
  • Has 92% mineral oil.
  • Totally false claims.
  • The quantity of almond is 1/10th.
  • Has no properties of nourishing hair oil.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

The hair oil is not going to solve your hair problems, but this is a light weight oil you can opt to control the frizz during bad hair days. Apart from that, mineral oil seems to be the last thing I would use on my scalp. Hence, I would not really recommend this oil.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Even the clinic plus shampoo is a big no for me and this one is in similar lines. I remember using the shampoo back in school days :)

    1. Honestly, the shampoo was better than this! :P

  2. Mineral oil is really bad for hair and this one contains so much of it so its better to skip this one:/


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