7 Careers That Could Take You Around The World

If exploring the world is your thing, you would never want to settle down in a cubicle that comes with a safe salary and very binding polici...

If exploring the world is your thing, you would never want to settle down in a cubicle that comes with a safe salary and very binding policies. At the same time, travelling around the world is not child's play and you will need money to fuel your passions. So what can a die-hard travel enthusiast do instead of being bound by strict work hours to earn a living? Choose a career that will take you around the world and make a career out of your passion! Are you feeling confused about the jobs that will let you travel the globe? Here are the job choices that are ideal for people who want to go on a travel spree.

1. English Language Teacher

English has gained tremendous popularity as the working language of the world. And if you are fascinated by this language, it could be your key to world travel. Countries like China, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Middle east countries, Africa, and many more are looking for qualified English language teachers for their schools and universities. So if you are proficient in the language and did not find Shakespeare intimidating in school, you can get qualified as an ESL teacher and get a job in some unknown little city in a far off country and make your travel dreams come true. There are lots of sites and institutes that offer ESL certifications such as Dave's ESL Cafe, TeachingTraveling.com, and more.

2. A Ship Attendant

Cruise ships have always been a luxurious way of vacationing for the rich. Now you may not have the extravagant resources to splurge on a cruise, but you can become a cruise ship employee and help the rich. This way you can fulfill your urge for exploring new places. So jot down your experiences and start applying for a job on a cruise ship. If you have experience as a medical caregiver, or if you are professionally experienced in healthcare, nursing, childcare, IT, beauty, catering, housekeeping, reception, electrical maintenance, or any specific technical acumen, you stand a good chance of bagging a job on a cruise ship. Search for jobs on cruises and the internet will lead you to your destination.

3. Professional Photography

If you look at a camera and wish to do more with it than taking a selfie and posting on social media, you could choose to become a travel photographer. If you have the eye for capturing what others merely see, with the right qualification and course, you could choose photography as a career. The world speaks through photos and the need for a good photographer is ever growing. Travel photography allows you to go to unknown places and capture what the mundane world has not seen.

4. Travel Writing

If you love traveling and have a natural gift of expression, why not combine the two and become a travel writer! To choose travel writing as a full-time job can be quite daunting and you have to be very perseverant to make a living of it. But once you do, there is nothing quite like following your heart and writing about it. Begin by writing for travel blogs and reputed travel sites. Once you get yourself known in the travel industry, you will get hired to write tour guides and travel books. You could also contribute to travel magazines and make a decent living out of it.

5. Social Worker

Easy as it may sound, this is one of the toughest jobs to take up because of the work and danger involved in it. As a qualified humanitarian aid worker, you could be associated with NGO's and border organizations that will employ you to go to various parts of the world for rescue and crisis management missions. Though you will have ample opportunity to travel, you may also stand the danger of getting into serious peril when on your mission.

6. Anthropologist

Studying the early development of humans and their evolution into a civilized society is just a broad gist of the subject. If you have been interested in the species Homo sapiens and wish to pursue a profession as an academician, you could choose to become a cultural anthropologist. The study of anthropology will take you to diverse corners of the world for your research.

7. Pilot Or Flight Attendant

This is one of the quickest ways to travel around the world. But being a pilot is never a cake walk. You need excellent credentials, qualifications and successful flying hours to steer through the skies. The job of a flight attendant is no less difficult. But if you try with dedication early in life, you could become any of these and fly around the world, soaking in the astounding sights the world has to offer.

These jobs will give a wonderful ride around the world. Get up and get going!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. Wonderful...though all the jobs are tough in their own way, it's worth it!

    1. If we set our goals early, I'm sure it will be worth the efforts!

  2. Traveling was my 2nd option :P

  3. Public Relations could be there

    1. Thank you Gunjan for adding to the list. Yes Public relations, Indian Foreign Service could also make it to this list.

  4. English Language teacher is perhaps the most viable.

  5. Loved the list. I think a journalist or a book writer also gets to travel all across the world.

  6. A grad school professor/ an international student coordinator- another one that takes you around the world! :-)


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