7 Best Ideas To Reward Your Children

Positive reinforcement works wonders in behavior modification, both in children and adults alike. When we do something good, we love to be r...

Positive reinforcement works wonders in behavior modification, both in children and adults alike. When we do something good, we love to be recognized and acknowledged for it with a reward. And when we receive a reward for good behavior, we try to behave in that way in expectation of the reward. This is how positive reinforcement works. So when you have a difficult child at home who does not seem to listen to you at all or pay heed to any of your instructions, this strategy can be implemented to make him behave well. Child psychologists have often explained the effectiveness of rewards in comparison to punishments. Some children may behave because of the fear of punishments, but most of them soon grow out of it and become arrogant and indifferent to punishments. But rewards work most of the time if not always. So here are some great reward ideas for your children to make them happy and disciplined at the same time.

1. Extended Play Time

It is a universal truth that children love to play. Studies, homework, washing hands and feet, eating, brushing, sleeping and all such activities cut short their play time and make children upset. So when your little one refuses to finish the homework, reward him or her with an extended 'after study play time'. But make sure that it does not become a practice. This reward should be given only when there is a greater load of homework or studies than usual.

2. Restaurant At Home

This is one of the most innovative ways to reward your child for eating well during the whole week. Once a week, arrange a restaurant time at home. Cook or order his favorite pizza or burger with a side of french fries or smileys. Make the dining table look like a restaurant with paper napkins, fancy plates and cutlery. You become the waiter and take the order while your child dons the role of a customer. Your child can also call in a couple of friends home on this day. This reward should be a weekly or a monthly affair for healthy eating and finishing the lunchbox at school!

3. A Short Trip Nearby

This reward will be highly appreciated by older kids who love adventure and idolize the Enid Blyton characters like the Famous Five or Secret Seven. Take them to a hiking or rock climbing camp near your city for a weekend. If you have the necessary support, you can also take them fishing or on a safari in a bird or wildlife sanctuary. Camping around a fire is also a nice way to reward the adventurous kids for good behavior.

4. A Visit To The Big Park

Children are used to their local parks and are always attracted to some big park a little away from home. Good behavior at school or at home can be rewarded by a visit to this coveted park for the evening playtime. Let them have as much fun as they can have.

5. Fulfill The Longing For A Particular Toy

This reward should be used sparingly so that your child does not get used to material gifts as rewards. Children will forever wish for new toys no matter how many they already have. But if there is a particular thing that your child has been wanting for quite some time, you could give it to them as a reward for good grades, disciplined behavior for the whole term, or something really big. But do not let your child get used to the easy gratification of materialistic rewards.

6. A Stay With The Extended Family

This is a vacation time reward that you can give your children, especially if they live in a small family. Have them visit their fun cousins who live in a different city or live with their dear grandparents in their native home. It also works well to build bonds with the extended family who are scattered in different places.

7. A Toy Store

This is not just an awesome reward but also a good social activity. Nowadays children are loaded with toys that most of the toys are played with just once or twice before making their way to the storage room. So you can arrange a play party where your child's friends can come over with their cast away toys. Every child is allowed to take a pick from another's toy store and exchange it with items from his store. This teaches children the art of sharing and socializing. You could also keep some cookies as rewards for not fighting during the exchange.

These are just a few innovative rewards ideas that you can come up with. Please feel free to add your own favorites to the list. But always make sure not to make rewards a habit. It should be given once in a while for it to be effective. Also, avoid buying things as rewards. Let's get active and creative with our rewards without making it about the buying power.
Happy parenting!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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