10 Ways To Make High Heels More Comfortable

Talk about being fashionable, high heels are always in the discussion. High heels, pumps or stilettos can accentuate your legs, make short w...

Talk about being fashionable, high heels are always in the discussion. High heels, pumps or stilettos can accentuate your legs, make short women look tall and fat women look thin. It helps you with a perfect posture thus drawing everyone's attention towards you. But managing high heels is definitely not an easy task. As much as you love wearing high heels, it can become equally challenging and even painful at times. In spite of that, women love flaunting their high heels and prefer to wear them on special occasions to look more beautiful. For all the ladies out there who want to wear high heels and still feel comfortable without much effort, here are 10 ways to make it happen.

1. Size & Shape Of The Heel Matters

While purchasing heels, make sure you buy the right size that fits you well. If you buy a bigger size, you may slip and fall. If you buy a smaller size, it can be tight thereby causing pain. So go for the ideal size which suits you. Try to avoid pointed heels as it can cause a lot of stress on your toes. Same holds good for thin heels and cheap footwear. They can cause a lot of problems not just to your toes and feet but also to your knees. Do not go over the top with the height of the heels unless it is much needed. Pay maximum attention to each and every detail while making your purchase.

2. Use Heels With Straps Or Belts

It is not a cakewalk to walk in high heels. If you are not well-versed with walking in heels, there is always a chance to slip. To avoid such things, go for heels with straps or belts. They help guard your feet against slipping and save you from any likelihood of embarrassment. Also, they keep your feet in right position making everything convenient.

3. Try Moleskin To Protect Your Feet

Moleskin is the famous band-aid which can be cut to our desired size. In case of blisters or injury, you can stick it on the feet in the affected areas. It offers protection to your feet and is quite famous for healing the high heel problems. Always carry them in your bag and use them when needed.

4. Insoles For Your Heels

The main problem when wearing heels is foot pain caused due to the pointing heels. If you are looking for all day comfort wearing high heels, you must use Insoles for your heels. There are different varieties of Insoles available online to pick from. They fit comfortably in heels and prevent the chance of foot aches and pains.

5. Cushion Up If Needed

If your heels come with padding, it always helps. Unfortunately, most of the high heels do not have padding. But there is something you can do to overcome this difficulty. There are many cushion inserts available in the market which can be of great use. You just have to insert them in your heels and cushion up. You are good to go!

6. Walk Slowly & No Running

When you are wearing heels, do not think of rushing or taking large steps. Walk slowly at your own comfort and take small steps while walking. Keep your posture straight and walk ahead. Do not run when wearing heels. There are chances you may slip and break the heel causing damage to your feet.

7. Always Carry Backup Flats When Wearing Heels

In spite of taking all the necessary precautions, there might be a probability that your feet start hurting or have blisters. It is not ideal to continue wearing heels in such condition. Hence, it makes sense to always carry backup flats when wearing heels. If not anything, you can replace your heels with flats in case you get tired walking in them. Most stars who walk the red carpet in high heels tend to do that, then why not us!

8. Walk Around Before Wearing Them Out

We all do a test drive when purchasing a car or a stroller. Do the same with your high heels too. The day before your actual event, try wearing the heels and go around. Since most footwear are hard to wear in the beginning days, this will give you an idea of what to expect from your heels. If you experience any issue wearing them, you can get it fixed before you actually get into trouble.

9. Maintain At Least One Day Gap

Though it makes you look fashionable and beautiful than ever, wearing heels daily is not good for your feet and even your health. Too much of stress on the feet should be avoided. Hence, a minimum gap of one day is suggested when wearing heels. Let your feet relax in the meantime so that they are ready to wear the heels again.

10. Your Feet Deserve Some Pampering

Not just us, but even our feet deserve pampering. After your outing wearing heels, make sure you do your bit to release the stress and aches from your feet. Immerse your feet in warm water mixed with Epsom salts and relax for some time. This acts like a stress reliever and gives soothing comfort to your feet.

Hopefully, these simple things will reduce the high heel problems you are facing. Do follow them and enjoy the wonderful results. Flaunt your high heels and walk comfortably as well!

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  1. Great Tips! I am going to follow these and start wearing heels again :)

    1. Yeah its great to wear heels every now and now. It boosts my confidence :)

  2. I am not a heel person but great tips for those who love them.

    1. No harm in trying once in a while Divya...try and see!


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